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Top 50 Insert Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Insert pick up lines that always work, openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Insert tagalog conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Are you lightning?

    Because I wanna make you McQueen


    (insert gif of lightning McQueen)

  2. Excuse me, you dropped something...

    ...your standards, hi I’m **insert name here**

  3. Baby, I just wanna place a tactical insertion in your bed so we could cuddle all day long.

  4. *taps on girls shoulder* Hey you dropped something.

    Your standards, Hi I'm (insert name).

  5. The name's mclovin

    (insert mclovin fake ID)

    and I have a license to thrill

  6. Hey, Vsauce. <insert alias> here.

    What is single? Are you single? Let's change that.

  7. Time for attack. Let me insert the entry plug into your eva and fill it up with viscous fluids.

  8. Hi, my name is _______. (Insert name)

    But you call me TONIGHT.

  9. Sex is like vending machine, insert the hard coins, hit the right keys, and we will get orgasmic goodies.

  10. Girl are you a toaster? Because I want to insert my dough inside you and watch little toasts come out.

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What is a Insert pickup line?

Working insert pickup lines

Are you milk? Because you ain't complete until I insert my Vitamin D.

Hey girl you interested in magic?

If so you can be my little dumblewhore. [insert f-boy face]

Is this a vending machine? You know how they always say: Insert Bill Here. And I happen to call my dick Little Bill.

We belong together like a pair of glasses, I want to insert my lens into your frame.

insert pickup line
This is a funny Insert pickup line!

How 'bout you let me insert my Piccolo in your Vegeta?

Girl are you a toaster? Because I want to insert some fresh toast into you and eat you for breakfast.

[Insert activity] would be pretty expensive,

But spending time with you would be priceless

Do you have a database? Because I want to import and insert my entry into you.

The Titanic and I have one thing in common...

We're both pretty bad at breaking the ice. Hi I'm *insert name here*

I see you don't have a large metal spike inserted into the base of your skull. Do you want one?

I'm from the future and there's no time to explain...

I really need your help in finding out if a certain year has passed.

So, does your last name happen to be *insert your last name* or has that not happened yet?

Hi, I'm (insert name) but you can call me Best Buy

Because I can turn your bedroom into an entertainment center. ;P

insert pickup line
Working Insert tinder opener

Babe, want a piece of my liquid code to insert into your template?

Insert pick up line.Wanna get laid?TOTALLY!Crawl up a chicken's kiss and wait.

Girl are you oximeter ?

Cuz all I want is to insert a finger and press the button .

Wanna know my favorite number?

Yours. Hey, I’m (insert name)

Girl, I got the Jeweller's orb that can insert some sockets into you.

Hey you dropped something

Hopefully your standards hi I'm (insert name here)

Dr Stephens. (insert own number)

Her: What?
You: Oh thats the name of my chiropractor. Think you might need him after i put your back out tonight ;)

Do you know whats common with elon musk and your parents ?

They both made something that has a socket where i would love to insert my plug in

Are you you a registered felon?

Because you can't handle these guns [insert awkward flex here]

Allow me to buy you a drink. After all, thanks to our beloved [insert a Republican political figure], the economy has never been better!

Do you play for the *insert hogwarts house* Quidditch team??

Cause you sure are a keeper.