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Top 50 Insert Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth Insert chat up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. They include killer conversation starters and useful comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work as best Tinder openers.

  1. Excuse me, you dropped something...

    ...your standards, hi I’m **insert name here**

  2. Baby, I just wanna place a tactical insertion in your bed so we could cuddle all day long.

  3. Time for attack. Let me insert the entry plug into your eva and fill it up with viscous fluids.

  4. Hi, my name is _______. (Insert name)

    But you call me TONIGHT.

  5. How 'bout you let me insert my Piccolo in your Vegeta?

  6. [Insert activity] would be pretty expensive,

    But spending time with you would be priceless

  7. I see you don't have a large metal spike inserted into the base of your skull. Do you want one?

  8. The Titanic and I have one thing in common...

    We're both pretty bad at breaking the ice. Hi I'm *insert name here*

  9. Hi, I'm (insert name) but you can call me Best Buy

    Because I can turn your bedroom into an entertainment center. ;P

  10. My friends call me "INSERT NAME HERE"

    But you can call me later

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What is a Insert pickup line?

Funny insert pickup lines

Wanna know my favorite number?
Yours. Hey, I’m (insert name)

Hey you dropped something

Hopefully your standards hi I'm (insert name here)

Language Barriers

Smoothest pickup line I have ever done - and it worked!

First off, learn which language is the person's first language (makes it easier) and learn phrases from them. Be friendly, then you ask, "How do you say in (Insert Language here) would you like to go on a date this saturday if you are free". It worked for me and now I have a girlfriend, good luck guys (and girls) :)

Me: Hey you drop something

Her: What did I drop
Me: Your standards, Hi I’m (insert name)

It’s (insert target’s name here) outside..

(After initial confusion..)
Sorry meant to say Beautiful!!!

Hey, girl... Wanna stay up way too late with a stranger?

Her: No...

Me: Exactly, my name's \*insert name here\*.

Hey girl you dropped something.
"Hey girl you dropped something", "what?" "Your standards, hey I'm (insert name here)"

Hey [Insert specified gender] are you a planet that rotates clockwise?

Because I want Uranus

Hey can I have your autograph?

You must be one of those famous hot (insert city/country) girls I've heard about. Just your number is fine btw

Works well when you're traveling

YouI should join the track team

‘Cause your always running away from me.

(Why *insert name here*)

Do you have any [insert nationality of yours here] in you?

Would you like some?

How much water can you hold?

Cause dam, you’re *(insert compliment here)*

Nerdy Algorithms

Baby, are you an algorithm? Because I'd like to insert(ion) sort you with my array all night.

Hi! I am a "insert language here" learner, would you like to have a conversation?

Nothing special but works 100%

How to get ur crush

You: “r u from japan?”

Them: “insert answer here”

You [in a chill tone]: “because i’m trying into japanties/japants”

Hey, i'm <insert name here>. My friends call me <insert name here>

But you can call me tonight

You: If you where a food, you would be (insert favorite food).

Them: why?

You: because that's my favorite.

So here's something that i thought of and hi, i'm new here!

So, there was a thought about a few days ago which i figured could possibly work as a pick-up line if changed a bit, as for that thought/possible pick-up line if changed a bit, here it is:

"Regular" version: "Isn't mascara, ear-rings lipstick and the like kind of dumb/stupid/unnecessary?

"Pick-up line" version: "Don't you think that mascara, ear-rings, lipstick and the like is kind of dumb/stupid/unnecessary?
"As for why i think so it's because it just messes with your skin and i don't think there's any reason as to why you should mess with perfection so i can't understand why you have **insert whichever one/ones of mascara, ear-rings, lipstick and the like that the person has on here** on.

Are you an ocean?

Because I wanna be your beach

\[insert vigorous winking\]

"Hey can I call you" (insert name here that she will we say no to) "from now on?" (repeat 3 times) then hit her with....

"Damn, then can I call you mine?"

Hey there cutie

Let me insert my male external maleintromittent organ into your female musclular tubular part of the genitalia tract and let me combust my seminal fluid that contains spermatozoa.

Are you [insert hated person]?

Cos I'd love to take you out

9 and 3/4

I wish I could give you 9 and 3/4 but I only have (Insert dick size here)

Hi I'm [insert name here], but you can call me hrting.

Cause I'm hurting without 'u'

Your phone has GPS, right?

Because I’m totally going to get lost in those *insert color* eyes.