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  1. Should I enter your base from the front, or the rear?

  2. Do I have to cut away that grass with my sword before I can enter your forbidden forest?

  3. Speak, friend, and enter... your number in my phone.

  4. When ever I see you my electrons enter the excited state.

  5. Asking for permission to enter friendly lines. Permission granted?

  6. Man: Hey, baby, what's your sign? Woman: Do not enter.

  7. I'm entering the lottery to your heart

    Mind giving me the lucky numbers?

  8. I'm no pilot

    But I'll enter your cockpit

  9. If I speak friend, can I enter?

  10. Are you a thermometer?

    Because i want you to enter my mouth and ass whenever im feeling hot

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Hey girl are you the FBI?
Cause I want you to enter my house and violently subdue me

Apparently India is the most invaded country in the world

Are you India? Cos I want to enter your borders

I think you are a bullet

Coz when you're entering my heart, i die

Are you a light switch

Because i really want to turn you on when i enter a room

What’s 9 plus 10?

*enter your phone number*

Are you an IV League college?

Cuz everyone wants to enter you but only a few can.

One for the beach
Something like
"You are so sweet that if you enter in the sea it becomes a lake"

Are you an extermination camp?

Because I wouldn’t mind entering your gas chamber

Are you the United States of America?

’Cause I want to enter you illegally

Did you just enter my mind?

Like a thot

Created by one of my friends and thought I might share

I don't see (enter name here)/you dating a boy or a girl. I see them dating someone named (enter your name here).

My heart was still like a .jpg. When you entered the room, it was as animated as a .gif. I want everything to be as transparent as a .png between us.

So... I heard you like bad boys and, not trying to impress you but, I entered on the wrong side at Wal-Mart. Wanna dance?

Hay baby, can my patrol enter your Hidden Vally?

I would like to gain access to your base. Shall I enter from the front or the rear?

The way chicken nuggets enter my taste buds is the same way you captivate my heart.

Girl, let's go all the way, because the bottom is not in until I enter my position.

Let's entered the love mode and breed.

You have permission to enter me anytime.

I could enter so many pipes in the room, but I am choosing you girl.

I'll enter into your pipe in a heartbeat.

Just call me exhibit A. You can enter me without objection

Let's have a Tri-Wizard tournament Protect your 'wand' from 'hogwarts' when you enter the 'chamber of secrets'

I'll remember to protect my wand when entering your chamber of secrets!

Excuse me, but are you Arwen? You are so beautiful that I think I have entered a dream.