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  1. Hey girl are you SpongeBob ?

    Because I want to visit your bikini bottom.

  2. Is that Africa in your pants?

    Cause I wanna visit Djibouti.

  3. I don’t want to visit the touristy places. Wherever you go is beautiful enough for me.

  4. If I promise I will treat it nicely, will you allow me to be the first man to visit Uranus?

  5. I visited an aquarium today. I saw a fish there, and thought of you.

  6. I'd love to visit your hobbit-hole.

  7. Until this moment, I never understood how Joseph smith felt during his angelic visits.

  8. If your left leg was Halloween and your right leg was Christmas, could I visit you in between the holidays?

  9. Are you from Australia? Cuz I'd like to visit you down under.

  10. I don't Have an Invisibility Cloak ...

    But I was wondering if I could Visit your restricted area anyways

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Please visit me when I die
So my heart can beat again.

Hey there, I'm Al Qaeda

I'll rate you 9/11, crash at your place and explode inside of you. And you'll never forget the time I visited.

I can visit your island all day long.

Call me an astronaut

Cause i really want Visit Uranus.

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If your left leg was Christmas and right easter?

Girl can I visit you between the holidays?

If your left leg is christmas and your right leg thanksgiving...
Can i visit you between the holidays?

I’d love to visit your community garden.

Damn girl, are you from East Africa?

Cause I want to visit Djibouti!

I think I need to visit an eye doctor

Because every time I close my eyes all I see is you

Damn girl, are you from West Africa?

Cause I want to visit Djibouti.

Are you the solar system?

Because I want to visit Uranus.

I had to visit a dentist after you gave me liplock

Cuz you were sweet enough to give me toothache.

visit pickup line
Working Visit tinder opener

Forget about visiting Oman, because all you need is THIS man right here.

I know I'm not an astronaut...

But I'd love to visit uranus

We don’t need to visit Northern Africa for me to Chad you up.

No need to visit Macedonia…

I already Skopje out from across the room.

Please visit me at my grave...

So my heart can start beating again

- Day 21

Are you Arizona?

Because I have the sudden urge to visit your grand canyon.

If your left leg is Christmas, and your right leg is New Year’s Eve.

I will come visit you between the holidays!

Are you the time I forgot to add water to my ramen?

Cause I can't stop thinking about you.

True story, no longer allowed to make ramen when visiting my father

Hey there, I'm Al-Qaida.

I'll crash at your place and explode inside of you. And you'll never forget the time I visited.

Hey baby, you don’t need to visit Madagascar to see a wild beast in action..

just take me to bed.

Have you visited your doctor recently because I think you have B.G.S.

Beautiful Girl Syndrome