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Top 50 Watch Pick Up lines

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  1. Are you the Imposter?

    Because my neck snapped watching you walk by...

  2. Most guys would want to watch the world cup because it happens once in 4 years...

    But I'd rather look at you because the chances of meeting someone like you is once in a lifetime.

  3. Hey girl, if you were a sunset I'd want to watch you go down on me.

    Came up with this one in the shower, so you know it's good. If used, post their response below

  4. Can I just watch this Spotify ad?

    Cuz I’d love 30 mins of uninterrupted listening with you.

  5. My magic watch says that you don’t have on any underwear.

    (She says yes I do) Damn! it must be 15 minutes fast

  6. Hey, are you a potato?

    Because I wanna mash, add some milk then watch over you and keep you warm for hours

  7. Are you the LoTR?

    Cause I spent over nine hours watching you last weekend

  8. I'm no mathematician but

    I’m pretty good with numbers. Tell you what, give me yours and watch what I can do with it.

  9. I have a special watch that’s telling me you’re not wearing any underwear right now...

    Oh you are? It must be 15 minutes fast!

  10. So you watch soccer?

    Because you'll never walk alone

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Funny watch pickup lines

I love it when you watch me baste my bird.

I'll watch Carl for you.

I'd like to dig into your temple and watch things explode.

I hear god is watching, so let's give him a show.

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You might not be America’s Most Wanted, but you’re at the top of my Watch List.

Call me Big Brother, because I've been watching you all night.

Hey, Baby, whaddya say we go over to my place and watch a little Spongebob?

Care for a ride? I wanna take you to my planet, and watch endless sunsets all day long.

You must be my Netflix app, because I want to stay up aaaallll night watching you.

I wanna watch you walk the plank...s of my bedroom floor.

Wanna watch me churn the butter?

I can take you back to my place baby but be quiet my Aunt May will be downstairs watching Jeopardy.

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Working Watch tinder opener

Yes, I’m a magician. Watch me disappear clothing!

Wanna watch the northern lights tonight?

Can my Direwolf watch precious?

Hey, you want to eat cookies and watch public access TV?

Watch me use my wood and put it in the hole.

I hate to see you go, but I love to watch your transom.

Girl, if you were an Apple Watch, you'd be Edition.

I heard you like Magic sweetheart, well bend over and watch my dick disappear.

I've been watching u swim around all day...

I slayed a dragon once. Now watch me slay your virginity.

Now watch the rise of my Cyberman.