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Top 50 Care Pick Up lines

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  1. Are you fragile? Cus I want to handle you with care

  2. You know, they say there are about 100 billion stars in the milky way.

    And if every single one of them goes out, I wouldn't care because I have you.

  3. Someone: I’m trash

    You: As someone who deeply cares about the environment, I am obligated to pick you up. Is 6 pm okay?

  4. Hey girl, are you mentally disabled?

    Because I want to spend the rest of my life taking care of you.

  5. Do you like maths? No? Me neither, in fact, the only number I care about is yours.

  6. Take care for now I bring chaos... with my fists!

  7. Care for a little game of Inquisitrix and Jew?

  8. My butler Is a demon in more than one way, care to see?

  9. I can't remember what kiss is. Care to help me remember?

  10. Care for a roll in the hay?

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My name is Gates. Bill Gates. Care for some cream pie?

I have a Ring of Protection on me, care to try it?

Care to come back to my place for a little Dickens?

Why is it so hard to study the cardiovascular system? Because the heart is fragile and should always be handled with care.

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Shh shhh. You won't get pregnant, you're body just takes care of those things.

Hi there. I'm looking for a new route to your bedroom. Care to help a sailor out?

Yes, that is a gun in my pocket and after I take care of some of my ex-colleagues, would you like to do dinner?

My silver tongue is good for more than just lying. Care to find out?

Does your mom care that I'm in your boat?

Of course I'm a Republican. I care more about the safety of my money than I do your basic rights.

I’m a piece of trash

If you care about the environment you should pick me up

Care to work under me?

care pickup line
Working Care tinder opener

Let’s play health care reform. I’ll be the nurse and you can be the doctor.

Is that a health care bill in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

You: Do you like math?

Person: No.
You: Me neither...In fact, the only number I care about is yours.

Care to share some oysters and wine with me?

Careful with the TTIP. It's a sensitive area.

You can be my passenger & I'll be American Airlines- cause I don't care about your baggage!

Care to take these humps out for a test ride?

Are you a penny

Because most people don't care about you but I'd pick you up and put you in my basement with the others

I don't care if you are a pickle or a cucumber. I will always eat you up.

Careful, you don't wanna get a c**... in the face.

I don't care about your past babe. I just want to bury my b**... in your backyard.