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Top 34 Instagram Pick Up lines

Are you looking for good Instagram pick up lines? We have compiled the best pick up lines based on Instagram. Use them to get the girl or guy that you love. These pick up lines are cheesy, clever, and hilarious that they just might work!

  1. Your instagram post isn’t the only thing i want to tap twice.

  2. Guys i need some help!!

    Okay! so i met this girl the other weekend. she was the bartender at my buddies wedding. turns out she owns the bartending company yadda yadda yadda. it was an all cash bar or venmo! anyway i find myself approaching the bar way more often than usual just to buy a drink and say something stupid, eventually planning on asking for her number. I couldnt think of what to say so i came up with the idea of leaving her a funny venmo memo with my number attached. fast forward 3 hours later, reception is over and we are out on the town having fun. I GET A TEXT! it worked!? and then i end up running into her. we chatted for awhile but my night was headed a different direction and i didnt want to make a fool of myself so i called it early and went home. a week has gone by, i never reached out because I am terrible at this stuff so i decided to leave it to the fates and let it go. JUST yesterday she added me on instagram!

    Long story short ! i need a great one liner to break the ice and ask this girl out.

    thanks in advance. sorry if this isnt allowed!!!

  3. Can i follow you on instagram?

    Cause my mom told me to follow my dreams

  4. Has the mere-exposure effect kicked in yet, or do I need to spam more of your instagram pictures?

  5. You're so hot, I'd Instagram you without a filter.

  6. Trust me; read this

    So you preferably use this on instagram
    you be like “hey someone impersonating your account”
    they be like “who?”
    you reply with “@nasa” “because you’re out of this world”

  7. Trust me; read this

    So you preferably use this on instagram
    you be like “hey someone impersonating your account”
    they be like “who?”
    you reply with “@nasa” “because you’re out of this world”

  8. Can I have your Instagram?

    My parents said I should follow my dreams.

  9. Hey girl can i get your Instagram? So that i can follow my dreams <3

  10. You look familiar. Maybe I follow you on Instagram.

instagram pickup line
What is a Instagram pickup line?

Working instagram pickup lines

“Can’t tell if you’re innocent or an absolute baddie”
I used this pick up line on Instagram. Everyone says it has a great response rate. So I used it and the next day she reply’s “wtf does that mean” now I wasn’t expecting that response from her. What would one say back to that?

I believe in following my dreams… on that note, what’s your instagram?

You’re so beautiful; you don’t even need an Instagram filter.

Hey girl are you instagram

Cause i’m down to go out with u

instagram pickup line
This is a funny Instagram pickup line!

If you spell uno backwards it's On- U and that's where I wanna be.

Found thus pickup line on Instagram and thought it was worth posting here.

Do u have an Instagram?
Cus my mom tell me to follow u'r dre4m

What’s your Instagram?

Her: Why?
Me: because my mom told me to follow my dreams

Hey girl, if you were an Instagram photo, I would double tap you.

I believe in following my dreams.

**So can I have your Instagram?** ***:)***

I went to your girlfriend's Instagram page

It said "edit profile"

People call me by my name

But you can call me anytime

-credits to some video I saw on Instagram

Are you Instagram?

Because I wanna post videos with you

instagram pickup line
Working Instagram tinder opener

Pickup for a girl on instagram

"If you zoom in you can see me in your pants" if they point out the fact that they aren't wearing pants (I.e. a swimsuit, or a skirt) you say "what a coincidence, I'm no wearing pants either"

Tried to come up with two xD

Hey girl are you an Instagram story?
Coz I keep swiping you right to see you again.

Hey girl are you a post on reddit?
Coz you're hot and have my upvote.

They say follow your dreams

So are you gonna give me your instagram or what?

Stumbled upon the best 10/10 I've seen on instagram earlier, give me your best openers

Most upvotes wins

Hey girl, are you Instagram?

Cuz I can swipe my fingers down on you all day long.

Do I know you from Instagram?


Baby, you're so like Instagram,

Scroll down a bit and 'you're all caught up'.

Are you instagram?

Cause after you stole my memes. You stole my heart.


Alioop w some random numbers was this p cute girls snapchat name, j got her off of Instagram DMs
Reddit do ur thing <3

You're so pretty, I wouldn't even need to use an Instagram filter if I took your photo.