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Top 50 Internet Pick Up lines

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  1. You still use internet explorer? I also like it nice and slow.

  2. Forget Google, check out my doodle!

  3. Baby you’re so beautiful you made my 404 page.

  4. Girl are you a Facebook status?

    Cuz I like you.

  5. Do you have hotmail?...Want one?

  6. Can I get a login to your hotspot?

  7. Your name must be Google. You have everything I’m searching for!

  8. Are you on Netflix? Because I'd stream you all night.

  9. Hey girl, you so fine.... You make my heart beat at 100 Mbps.

  10. Error 404: Your number in my phone not found!

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What is a Internet pickup line?

Working internet pickup lines

I may not work out but girl, my password strength is VERY strong.

Why don't we have a LAN party and see if our IP's are compatible?

I was going to click on your profile picture, but I got jealous of the mouse.

Hi. I appreciate your Tumblr.

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This is a funny Internet pickup line!

Want to check out my website? It’s howaboutyou dot com-back-to-my-place.

Emojis can't describe the way I feel for you.

Nice to e-meet you.

I have Amazon Prime.

Baby you must be Google Goggles because they increase my reality.

For the nerds

I like gold, but "A" is silent.

Source - internet /
Explanation - chemical symbol for gold is 'Au'

You remind me of a Google search of a really hot celebrity

Are you http?

Because without you I’m just :// and insecure.

P.S.: Saw this in top posts of this subreddit and added the last bit.

internet pickup line
Working Internet tinder opener

I wish you were an email, so I could attach myself to you.

If you were an online poker game, I'd go all in.

You're so hot, I'd Instagram you without a filter.

Are you sitting on F5 button? Because your back is refreshing.

Is your name Wi-Fi? Cause I'm really feeling a connection here.

I invented the Internet AND global warming.

Want to google maps this bar and see how far away it is from our second date?

Why do you think the blonde splashes water on its keyboard? To surf the internet.

I control the internet -- want to surf me?

Damn, girl. Is your ass the internet? Because ima monitor that all DAY.

Are you tired? Because your sexy kiss has been running through the Internet and my mind all day.