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50 Twitter Pick Up lines

Check out our collection of good and highly effective Twitter rizz lines and flirty jokes that are sure to make her blush over text! Impress the ladies with humorous and corny pick-up lines about twitter, conversations starters at Bumble, great comebacks and sweet love messages for Tinder when you're put on the spot and elevate your best rizz.

Best Working Twitter Pickup Lines

A good Twitter hook up lines and rizz that are sure to melt your crush's heart !

  1. Do you like social media?

    Then why don't you go over to Myspace so I could Twitter your Yahoo until you Google all over my Facebook?

  2. Girl, you so fine I will Retweet your life.

  3. You had me at the first character of 140...

  4. If there was a favorite button on your profile, I'd press it everyday.

  5. Do you subtweet here often?

  6. You make my heart Tweet!

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What is a good Twitter pickup line?

Short and cute twitter pickup lines to impress a girl

Using a spicy and corny pick-up lines about twitter are guaranteed to work. But a sweet love message at Bumble, or a romantic comebacks are always welcome.

If you were on twitter, I'd follow you.

Wish you had a star so I could favorite you.

How many times are we gonna exchange favorites before we exchange numbers?

I see you could use some help with your social media presence. Follow me back to my place.

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Smooth Twitter pickup line

I have re-tweeted your heart into my heart.

Hey girl you're sexy. Send me naked pics.

My heart is moving faster than this twitter chat.

Cheesy twitter Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Do you have a hashtag, because you’re everything I’ve been searching for.

Fake followers or not, my love for you is real.

Girl you're so fine, I bet you have more followers than Kim Kardashian.

Baby, if I ran twitter I'd give you an extra ten characters.

Girl, are you retweets, because i keep waiting for you all day long.

How about instead of favoriting my tweets, I be YOUR favorite?

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Working Twitter tinder opener

I like how you tweet. Or Retweet.

Corny twitter Love Messages to Start a Conversation at Tinder

Try using funny and charming Twitter conversation starters, sweet messages, love texts and comebacks for sticky moments in Tinder and chat.

Nice hashtag!

I have a nicer username, you could always follow me instead.

You gotta hashtag to go with that tweet.

Did you get a push notification? When you were retweeted form heaven?

If you're a tweet, you'd be my only favourite.

You look familiar. Maybe I follow you on Twitter. Do you know who you look like?

10,000 Tweets and it still feels like the first time!

I don't just want to favorite your tweets I want to favorite you.

Hey baby, wanna come over to MySpace and let me Twitter your Yahoo till I Google all over your Facebook?

I don’t need Twitter to follow you.

Girl you are my favorite but would you like to be my retweet?

What’s your twitter handle?

My parents always told me to follow my dreams.

A good twitter Pickup Lines for Bumble

Using good and smooth Twitter hook up line can work magic when trying to make a good impression.

Hey girl call me ywitter

Why twitter?

cause unlike the others, i’m always up

How'd you like to come to MySpace so I can Twitter you with my Yahoo until I Google on your Facebook?

If you were a tweet, I would favorite you all day.

You won't know unless you ask! Maybe she also appreciates typo-free tweets.

I was wondering if you'd like to go back to My-Space, so I can Twitter with your Yahoo, until I Google all over your Facebook?

Baby, I'm all about retweeting.

Stars from twitter must have gone to your eyes cuz their breathtaking!

Fancy tweeting someone like you in a place like this.

Excuse me, but I DO think it’s time we tweet

Every breath you take... every tweet you make... I'll be following you.

Do you know why the Twitter bird is blue? Because it's so far away from you.

Is your meat dagger on Twitter? Because I’d like to get that on text alert.

Do you have a map? Because I just keep getting lost in your tweets!

Do you believe in love at first tweet? Or should I tweet you again?

I never need to see the sun again, because your tweets light up my world!

I may not be a genie, but I can make your tweets come true!

Choose only a good well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain Twitter love messages are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life like they do on flirting sites and apps. It is often awkward using flirty Twitter chat-up lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.