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Top 12 nuclear Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of Nuclear chat up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. They include pickup lines, comebacks, and hugot lines that actually works like the best Tinder openers.

  1. My love for you will withstand a nuclear explosion.

  2. Hey baby, you'd be the woman I'd pick to repopulate the world if we ever trigger a nuclear holocaust with Russia.

  3. Is the intense heat melting the skin from my body the result of nuclear fission...or is it just you.

  4. Is your father a nuclear scientist?

    Cause you're a whole atomic bomb

  5. Are you nuclear apocalypse?

    Because I fallout

  6. I must be a nuclear reactor

    Because I need U

  7. The Tsar bomba, the most powerful nuclear explosive in recorded history, has an output of 57 megatons of TNT

    And that pales in comparison to how much of a bombshell you are.

  8. Damn, are you nuclear fission?

    Cause you got my reactor goin

  9. You're so hot that you would make a nuclear reactor melt down. 

  10. They say cockroaches are the only things that can survivie a nuclear blast. So... wouldn't you feel a little safer if you had the first half of that word in you?

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Are you an iridium nuclear-energy cell/ hydrogen fuel cell? Because I can't live without you.

Are you single? Because I'd love to start a non-nuclear family with you.