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Top 50 Pictures Pick Up lines

Are you trying to get the attention of that cute girl or guy? Or are you trying to get more likes and views for your own picture or profile picture? Use these witty pick up lines to help you get more views and likes for your own picture!

  1. Im like a microwave meal

    Because the pictures look better then the real thing and im finnished in 2 minutes.

  2. Roses are red, you are a cutie

    You know how to cheer me up, send me a picture of that booty

  3. I'm no professional photographer...

    But I can picture you and me together.

  4. Roses are red, marvel films are shitty, the only thing that will make my life great, is a picture of your titty.

  5. Can I take your picture? I want Santa to know exactly what I want for Christmas.

  6. If I take a horizontal picture of you with my iPhone & then turn my phone vertical, you look hot.

  7. Are you kraken?

    Because I picture you swallowing a bunch of seaman

  8. My inspiration folder is just pictures of you.

  9. When I was eight I had your picture on my underwear.

  10. Can I take a picture of you real quick?

    I gotta show Santa what I want for Christmas

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Working pictures pickup lines

I was going to click on your profile picture, but I got jealous of the mouse.

You look exactly like a "before" picture.

Can i take a picture of you so I can show the Great Spirit what I want for my birthday?

Can i take a picture of you?

Can i take a picture of you? I have to show Santa Claus what i want for Christmas.

pictures pickup line
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He: hey! send me a picture of u quick!! | She: *sends a pic*what ya doin | He: thanks i was playing cards i needed a queen to win.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words
But if it was of you I would still be speechless

I might be a retired photographer, but I can still picture us together.

Hey! Can you please send a picture of yourself?

Because I wanted to show Santa what I want for Christmas...

Hey Girl, can I have a picture of yours

So that I can let Santa know what exactly I want for christmas

They should just replace my bat signal with a picture of you. I'd get there even faster.

Has the mere-exposure effect kicked in yet, or do I need to spam more of your instagram pictures?

Can I take picture with you ?

I just wanna prove to my friends that angels do exist

pictures pickup line
Working Pictures tinder opener

Haven't I downloaded naked pictures of you before?

I’m pretty good at drawing, in fact I could picture you and me together.

I’m no underwater photographer, but I can picture us together.

Girl, you must be a pajamas, because I can picture myself sleeping with you every night.

Here's a picture of my girlfriend. *holds up a mirror*.

Are you a microwave meal? Because the picture always looks better than the real thing.

Can I have a picture of you?

Because I want to show Santa what I want this year

You’re so tasty....That every time someone asks me what’s my favorite snack I show them a picture of you.

Can I borrow your picture?

To show Santa what I want for Christmas

I guess you are too hot for Tinder. Because my phone just overheated at your picture.

You look so hot in this picture,

I forgot it was winter and went out uncovered.