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Top 50 Snake Pick Up lines

Do you love playing snake or seeing someone playing snake? Use these funny snake related pick up lines to help you flirt with others. These pick up lines about snake will help you impress and make your dates laugh. These are the best pick up lines involving snake.

  1. I’ve got a snake waiting to meet you, no, it is not Nagini.

  2. Do you know Kuchiyose no Jutsu? because you just summoned my snake.

  3. Can you help me?

    My snake is stuck in my pants and wants to see you.

  4. Ever heard a black snake moan?

  5. Is there a pit of quicksand around? I really need you to grab my snake.

  6. Look, snake surprise!

snake pickup line
What is a Snake pickup line?

Working short snake pickup lines to impress a girl

On the off chance that you think my camel is amazing, hold up until you see my snake.

You've got Flare. And if you use it right, it'll reveal my Snake Trap.

I got bit by a snake, and I need you to s**... out the poison. Don't stop until it c**....

How about I fully extended my snakes and see how far we could go down tonight.

snake pickup line
This is a funny Snake pickup line!

My snakes would love to meet you.

Girl, you got a clogged line? I know the perfect way to snake your drain.

I have a snake and he wants to enter your garden.

snake Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Girl, I'll grow my Slither snake all night long for you.

Wanna see my python? It's almost six feet long.

Girl, I heard you like snake, do you swallow like one?

Want to see how I shed my snake's skin?

You could eat my snake anytime, just let me bump into your sweet spots.

Are you a metal gear fan?

Because you make my snake solid

snake pickup line
Working Snake tinder opener

Are you a snake charmer? Want to charm my one-eyed snake?

snake Pickup Lines to Start a Conversation

I'm not religious but,

My snake wants to taste your forbidden fruit

Girl, I got a snake that you could milk.

You have trapped me at first sight.

This snake is ready to slip right in you babe.

The trick to win the game is to target the tip of that head, want to try tonight in bed?

Sexy, you are keeping my snake hard on edge.

Howdy! Are you a c**...?

Because I’ve got a snake in my pants

Hey girl, do you work for animal control?

Because I've got a wild snake and I need you to catch it.

Girl, you made me the longest player of the night.

The longest lasting snake is the thickest one.

My snake just got hard for you.

Babe, you sure know how to handle that snake. I would like you to handle mine tonight.

snake Pickup Lines to Make Her Blush

Do you play the flute?

Cause you’re charming my snake

Are you a ps1?

Because you make my snake solid

Want to come home with me and pet on my snake?

Are we in mortal kombat universe?

Because my snake want break you.

My slither snake is not complete without having a part of you.

Girl, you got the magnetic power that suck away all of my little drops.

This snake is ready for a piece of action with you.

Hey girl I heard you like snakes? So let my tongue of snake slither all over you.

Are you a charmer?

Because you made my snake stand.

Are you learning python? Check out the one I got in my pants.

Do you play Metal Gear Solid 2...

...because Ima make you my "Gurl-lukovich" and have you "Raiden" my "Solid Snake" until I shoot "Liquid" all over your "Ass-elot".

Girl, my snake wants to eat all of you.

Girl, I got one rare trouser snake ready for you.

Hey baby are you a snake?


Babe, my snake can fit into any tight spot.

Hey girl are you from metal gear?

Cause you just made my snake solid.

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