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Top 31 Ugly Pick Up lines

Are you trying to pick up girls or guys with the best pick up lines? These are some of the ugliest pick up lines. These pick up lines feature different parts of a woman’s body. They include woman’s face, body, and different parts. You can use these pick up lines to help you land dates and kisses.

  1. A little something for ugly people like myself

    Hey girl you're a 9/10, and I'm the 1 you need

  2. Do you have an ugly boyfriend?

    (Assuming she says no)

    Do you want one?

  3. Are you a cute crier or an ugly crier?

    Just so I know what to expect when I break your back.

  4. Hey girl, youre ugly af...

    April fools

  5. Man: What are you looken at?
    Woman: Somethin ugly!

  6. Your not as fat and ugly as they say you are!

  7. I'm drunk and you're still ugly.

  8. Not saying your clothes are ugly

    But I'd rather see you without them on, cuz I'm uncomfortable~

  9. And i got another one with Lickers… But its too ugly.

  10. How to save your ass

    If you ever have a girl that caught you starring at another girl hit her with the, "I was looking at how ugly she is compared to you "

ugly pickup line
What is a Ugly pickup line?

Working ugly pickup lines

Being ugly burns a tonne of calories
That's why you're so fat

Damn girl are you an avocado? Because I am seeing past delicious fat underneath your ugly clothes.

Are you ugly?

Cause you’re wrong.

I may be poor and ugly

Well, that's it

ugly pickup line
This is a funny Ugly pickup line!

Do You have an ugly boyfriend?

Do you want one?

Statement: opposites attract each other
Proof : since ugly looking me is attracted to the gorgeous women like you .

Girl , are you

Unbothered , generous, loving and youthful?
Cause youre UGLY.

Want an ugly girlfriend?

No? Good thing I’m here;)

This is for ugly virgins to get a chance

I made this myself. *ahem*

"You're hot. I am ugly. Do you wanna make fugly?"

God made nobody ugly, but who tf made you?

Coz you look more beautiful than all his creations.

There's a 'U' in beautiful.

Yeah, and there's a 'U' in ugly.

Don't judge me by these ugly bowling shoes...I actually have a beautiful custom truck

ugly pickup line
Working Ugly tinder opener

I'll give you a real reason to wear that ugly turtleneck.

You're like an ugly dog-leg, but I'd still like to tee off.

Howie Dorough: ever hear the story about how the ugly toad became a prince once he was kissed?

Your sister said you were ugly, so keep my eyes covered and let's get on with it!

Here ya go

Go up to the girl you like and say no one is ugly, because ugly stands for unbelievable gorgeous like yourself

Wanna go out? I know I'm ugly, but you ain't no Sharon Gless yourself.

Would you like to dance with a ugly man?