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Top 50 Workplace Pick Up lines

Do you work in an office building or some type of work place? We have the perfect list of pick up lines for you. These pick up lines are generally clean and safe for work. They are typically more about flirting than getting down and dirty.

  1. Girl, why don't you come over to my place . . . of business that is, because women belong in the workplace.

  2. I like my women like I like my coffee.

    Strong, and valued in the workplace.

  3. Enterprise this.

  4. All this corporate giving is getting me hot under the collar-you?

  5. All this problem solving has me wanting to create problems.

  6. Any chance you’d be interested in drilling down with me?

  7. Are you from accounting? Because I was ac-counting on seeing you later.

  8. Are you good with Excel? Then you must be good at spreadsheets.

  9. Are you interested in managing my account?

  10. At the office copy machine "Reproducing eh?" "Can I help?"

workplace pickup line
What is a Workplace pickup line?

Working workplace pickup lines

Baby, you can give me a call-to-action anytime.

Can I borrow a pen? I need it to write down your number when I ask you for it later today because I didn't want to look it up in the employee directory.

Can I see the inside of your cubicle?

Can you assist me with this insertion order?

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This is a funny Workplace pickup line!

Can you help me figure out my operating system?

Come here often? Every day? From 9 to 5? Yeah, I guess that is often.

Do you have a privacy policy? Beause I’d love to see your fine print.

Do you have the Wi-Fi password — because I'm feeling this connection.

Don’t feel like you have to go this alone, we can tag team.

Forecasting is for people who can’t live in the moment.

Hard cover briefcases are so much better.

How about we slip out of these suits and into something a little more casual Friday?

workplace pickup line
Working Workplace tinder opener

I am feeling this burn rate in many places.

I bet it was your hotness that caused today's mandatory fire drill.

I can tell you’re a team player.

I can't erase you from my memory. (Office Supply – USB)

I don’t believe in automation, I am all hands on.

I don’t need to look at more data. What I’m feeling with you is already statistically significant.

I don’t think you and I will need any troubleshooting.

I love you like a marketer loves reporting.

I make small cubicles fun.

I may not be the most handsome guy using the copier, but right now, I'm the only one making you wait for it.

I was thinking about you during that entire conference call.