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  1. Are you the Skip Ad button?

    Because I can't wait to smash you real hard.

  2. Can I just watch this Spotify ad?

    Cuz I’d love 30 mins of uninterrupted listening with you.

  3. You can treat me like an ad lib solo, and play with me any way you want.

  4. Are you http?

    Because without you I’m just :// and insecure.

    P.S.: Saw this in top posts of this subreddit and added the last bit.

  5. Babe, you are so beautiful, even an iphone ad can't make you look cuter.

  6. If you were to be a youtube ad

    I'd never skip you.

  7. [Meta] Can we please ban the comment 'Nice'

    Im so sick of seeing posts with pretty much all the comments being 'nice' all because of that bot that gives you points or whatever.

    Having 98% of comments be the same thing removes the entire purpose of the comment section, nothing relevant ever gets added now.

    I can only speak for myself so let me (and the mods) know what you think of this by commenting.

  8. If your body is YouTube

    You clothes would be the ads that i really want to skip

  9. I’m so frankful that u added me back

    Because HOT DOG u are looking fine

  10. I saw this ad on my phone

    It said ”Hot singles in your area” and it lead me to you

added pickup line
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Funny added pickup lines

You have some really nice tops
I’d like to be added to the collection

How many bones are there in a human's body ?

207 if you're counting the one I'm adding in tonight.

Are you Spotify ads?

Cause you keep showing your worth.

If you were a YouTube ad

I wouldn’t skip

added pickup line
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When you were made there was a rule break in the formula

They added too much beautiful in the mix

Just added you to my to do list…
Cuz you are a piece of work .. of art.

I wish you were the skip ad button

So I could smash it over and over

Anybody ever told you that you’re kind of like an exam?

Cause I got your name but I forgot our date

Wish me luck kings, I just used that one on a girl who added me on snap

Yo girl are you the 29th state added to America?

Because Iowanna be with anybody else except u this Valentine’s Day.

You must have been a youtube ad in a past life

Because I want to skip this and get the good stuff.

Are you a dictionary?

Cause you’re adding meaning to my life

Are you an AD carry? Because I'm fired up and ready to serve.

added pickup line
Working Added tinder opener

You're making me feel like I have something in common with these pop-up ads.