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  1. How about you include my header?

  2. Can we break all the rules together tonight, including the Maastricht and the Lisbon-treaties?

  3. They plated all my bones with adamantium. Yes, including the boner.

  4. I'd go through anything for you...including walls...

  5. Sup my names Billy

    Hobbies include Wii baseball, Wii tennis, and we fucking.

  6. I had the idea for this while snapping my her, but I couldn't.... here you go

    Her: It looks good on you

    Me: Most things do. Including you.

  7. Had my future seen though a "Krystal" Ball today...

    ...and that future included you

  8. I'm writing my TO DO list

    Can I include you?

  9. How to respond to this shit-test?

    This girl is testing my reaction. I've been chatting with her for the past 3 days on the app. So far we've been exchanging non-sexual messages but finally, this was thrown and **I don't know how to properly respond to her**.

    **Context is**: She said the other day she dreamed about my country and I asked her what that dream was about. She replied as follows:

    "Oh..haha..I don't remember that well..but it was little bit more dreams together was in nature and there were lot of people standing in formation (including me) in the traditional clothes lol! I don't know what we were doing xD and then we went walk to mountains where were such asian houses haha..and in the end umm there was little hot scene with boy..omg..that's so stupid and embarrassing I'm laughing on that dream xDxD

    Please suggest me some good ways to respond to this

  10. Damn, I´m now gonna have to rewrite my Zombie Plan to include you

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I am down for anything, including that sweet Vitamin A(ss) of yours.

Soon to be...

Me: Hi I'm soon to be Dr. (Insert name)!

Them: Soon to be? How soon?

Me: That depends on how long you see yourself with me!

PS. This only works if you legit about to be a doctorate in something. This includes medicine and otherwise!

I looked up the word "beautiful" in the thesaurus today, and your name was included.

I've got a five year plan and it includes you... well, it doesn't have to be five years - one night works for me!

Hey girl! That lesson ran bell-to-bell and included a motivation, whole class and group activities, higher order questioning, and a meaningful summary? Your organizational skills are out of this world.

Your net return should include a discount for your face.

I'd love you in all the times, including* the Time of Cholera. (*but not limited to)