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  1. If your a candle wick and I’m the wax..

    Then I’m always melting when I’m close but I’ll be there to hold you up when you’re not feeling so hot.

  2. I want to go to the gym,

    so I can walk up to a lady on the treadmill lean in close and whisper tread lightly!

  3. Hey girl, are you a lantern?

    Because you make my day that much brighter, and I want to be close to you at night.

  4. Girl you don't need no bridge loan to close the GAAP between us.

  5. You must be opening night, because my heart races when I'm close to you.

  6. You're looking a little cold over there. Why don't you come close so i can warm you with my feverish body.

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I'll let you into my secret world and fulfill all of your Eurobondage fantasies. Close your eyes.

Hey baby, is your heart wired normally open or normally closed?

Oh I didn't mean to pull you in so close. I thought I heard a rutting bull moose.

Hey girl, are you a bright light source?

Cuz once I look at you, I see you everywhere everytime I close my eyes.

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Smooth Close pickup line

At first I thought I was looking at a Monet, but you’re so much more beautiful up close.

My spider-sense is telling me that there's someone dangerously hot standing close to me... oops, it's you!

You know, if I have someone very close, become invulnerable. Would you like to help me find out if I can transfer other powers?

Cheesy close Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Did someone forgot to close the door to heaven

Cause we have an angel on the loose here.

Hey!! are you lungs because you are so close to my heart

Girl, you could inspect my gun closely any time.

Girl whenever you get close to c**..., I'll let you take control yeah. (There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back)

(Shadow Hunter) I got ranged poking and up-close damage baby.

Anna: Come over here. Let me talk to ya real close.

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Working Close tinder opener

The restaurants might be closed at midnight, but the take out in my pants is always open.

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Why are lacrosse players never on time? Because they’re always cutting it close.

My aura can do something invulnerable while I keep very close.

Things are going well. Let's move towards an ever close union!

I do not like sweets but I would gladly eat them just to get close to you.

Yep, I crammed myself onto this car because I saw you through the glass and wanted to check out your butt up close and personal.

Are you an alien?

Because I want to have Close Encounters of the Third base

Are you a gun?

Because I want to put my head up against you and close my eyes ️

I hope you have Blast Shield on because I'm getting Dangerously Close to KEMing inside of you.

Are you sales? Because we will always ABC, always be closing.

Which is why when I get out, I’m gonna put a hurt on him so bad he’s gonna wish his momma kept her legs closed.

Vega: My beauty is absolute. No one will ever come close to me.

Has there been an increase in population density or are you getting close to me?

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The post office may be closed, but I'll still deliver my package inside you.

Coronavirus pickup mega-compilation

**Some I borrowed, some I stole, some I tweaked. Dating app seal of approval for these no lies.**

* Covid cancelling everything except my feelings for you ️
* When the quarantine is over, would you be interested to be less than a meter away from me?
* Hey just so just to let you know, you can't spell quarantine without U R A Q T .
* Government is banning all non-essential travel I hear BUT if we hurry we can get to my place before your south border closes!
* Hey did you hear the NBA shut down? But that doesn’t mean I can’t come over and shoot my shot right?
* Due to the coronavirus stocks are going down I hear, so do I, girl .
* Hey so I went to my doc to get tested for the coronavirus.
* \*waits\*
* Doc says I'm fine just missing one thing: vitamin U .
* Oh wow did you hear now the coronavirus could potentially be transmitted through o**... s3x?
* \*waits\*
* Yeah but doctors are not sure apparently. Want to test it out?
* Does this mean we can go halfsies?
* On a #quarantinebaby I mean.
* Wanna play quarantine? Masks on pants off go!
* They say the key to coronavirus detection is a high fever, don't worry I have a built in thermometer ;)
* You wearing face masks when you go out? Or worried they make u look crazy.
* \*waits\*
* I'm sure you could rock the mask! It would look very becoming on you.
* Of course, if I was up on you I would be coming as well .

And for the finale:

* Now here's a riddle for you: Lauren and Jake have the coronavirus, they are going to the movies with their friends Joe and Kim who don't have the virus.
* You have to arrange their seats so contagious people sit next to each other, but not next to healthy people. The rules are Lauren has to sit to the right of Jake, and to the left of Joe, and you can't have Jake next to Kim, and you can only move once, and they can't sit in in the aisle, and ah fk it will you just come sit on my lap and give me a big smooch/ride me/something dirty?

Hey girl are you a gravity well?

Because when I’m close to you, time slows down.

Want a close-up performance of my magic wand?

Most polls close at 7, but mine's accessible all night.

Chidi: How are you this close to being dragged to hell and still horny?

I'd love to be Saturn

Cause then I'll be close to URANUS :)

I’d love to be that cookie you’re eating because they have the excuse to get close to your lips.

Nobody is perfect, but if you can skate you’re pretty close.

Lets get our macro on and get in there nice and close.

Are you a camera comeback: Whenever I look at you, I close my eyes.

A little less fight and a little more spark, close your mouth and open your heart.

Damn girl,are you the sun?

Because every time i see you i close my eyes out of pain

Are you a door?

Cause I want to slam you whenever I'm close.

My gym is closed because of the quarantine...

Can I work you out instead?

- Day 118

Are we close friends yet?

I wanna be -6 inches closer.

Choose only a good well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain Close love messages are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life like they do on flirting sites and apps. It is often awkward using flirty Close chat-up lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.