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  1. I want you to clear all my jelly.

  2. By the end of tonight. My car isn't the only one who needs it's trunk cleared out.

  3. You're as beautiful as that clear, blue, godless sky.

  4. Girl, I'm gonna clear all your jelly.

  5. If it's meant to be it's meant to be....but just to be clear it isn't.

  6. Seriously baby, I’ll take you out as soon as this check clears from my parents.

  7. Congratulations, you’ve gone Clear… to my heart!

  8. To her, you were jargon. To me, clear-cut.

  9. It's clear from my briefs that you have handled the risk of any deflation issues down south.

  10. Roses are red, i am fine

    Let me clear this for you, will you be mine

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Clearly, you used to be a tree
Coz I got wood from you

Enjoying view here by the beach right?

Well i'm shore as hell enjoying it because i'm with you right now.

Now would it be shelfish if i buy you a drink and have a chat?

I know its random but i wanted to ask if the coast was clear and i'm not bothering you.

I dont wanna come a bit too up-prawn-t but can i have your number?

My dreams aren't lucid

But I can clearly see us together in the future.

I bet it was hard for God to make your eyes out of crystal clear ocean water.

clear pickup line
This is a funny Clear pickup line!

It sounds like coast is clear now and we need to leave this hut to surviive, ladies first.

Do you work for Publisher's Clearing House?
Because I'd like to subscribe to your daddy issues.


Probably right now you might be in a place you do not like, and you are using escapism actions to face that.

For some it will be playing video games, watching porn, eating junk food…you better than anyone know what you are doing to escape certain feelings.

The question is:

What are you using as an escape to avoid feeling bad about yourself?

To break that pattern is not easy there are no magic pills, it is a constant work in progress.

First, start thinking more about your goals. Create clear reasons to do all of them.

Pitch your perfect life, pitch the perfect version of yourself, the one where you are good enough, ready for everything.

Then start asking yourself what's the difference between the person you are right now and the person you want to be.

What are you lacking?

What goals should you accomplish in order to be that person and start writing them down.

Have measurable goals so you can check on your progress.

Then ask yourself from the person I am today how can I get to that person I imagine?

What skills do I need to get?

At the same time start by getting to know yourself better. Bring your pains into your awareness.

Why do I feel this in this moment?

Go deeper.

What is triggering me to feel in a certain state?

Why do I feel this way?

Ask yourself several times this question why, why and why?

Identify the moments you react disproportionality to the situation like feeling anxious to approach and other stress states.

Check what triggers you.

Identify the sensation and the thought that is coming up and then ask what the other situations were where you had this kind of sensations.

What was the previous time that you felt that?

And before that time when did you feel that?

Until you find when was the first time you felt the exact fear that you are feeling right now.

Try to meditate everyday:

Think about what are you escaping.

Think about the sensation that you feel, when you feel bad.

When was the previous time that you were feeling this too?

Breath into the sensations that are provoking your escapism.

Accept them and let them go.

You need to do this every day and have no expectations of when this will work and make the feeling go away. There are only benefits from doing it. Then use the following breathing exercise when you are feeling this: 6 seconds breathe in, 3 seconds hold, 6 seconds exhale doing “shhh” sound and letting go of the feeling, 3 seconds hold and again.

Hope this is helpful for you to apply during this quarantine times

Peace out

Grab your coat. You've pulled

Direct and clear no need for bullshit

Hey cutie is your name ben?

Cause to me you're a clear ten.

Are you the New Year?

Because my love for you is as clear as 20 20

Wow are you from the Islas Malvinas?

Because I’ve clearly Falkland for you.

Are you from the Honduras?

Because you clearly Honduras-timate how attractive you are.

clear pickup line
Working Clear tinder opener

I’m not sure if you’re from the Solomon Islands, but I think it’s clear we’re Solo-mont to be.

If u can't enjoy this without drugs, then EDM clearly isn't for u.

Clearly your LDL is of the large, fluffy kind. Very impressive indeed.

I want to tell you your fortune. [Take her hand and write your phone number on it.] Your future is clear.

I'm missing an eye but I can clearly see you're in love with me.

Honest, milady, it will help clear up the pox marks.

If your clothes were jelly, I'd clear them all.

Your eyes are as blue as the aquamarine stone. They are so clear I can see the ocean.

Klingon Pick Up Line: tuj'a' pa'vam? ghobe'. 'IwwIj DapubmoHba' SoH'e'! (Is it warm in here? No, it is clearly you who makes my blood boil!)

They say I'm like John Jaso because I'm all clear to be behind your plate all summer long

I'd like to put my hand over your chest and in a loud clear voice moan