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Top 50 Hunting Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth Hunting chat up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. They include killer conversation starters and useful comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work as best Tinder openers.

  1. The deer is not the only one horny.

  2. I must be a deer tick, because I'm stuck on you.

  3. I hope you’re as sweet as jelly beans, ‘cause I’ve been on the hunt for you.

  4. Hide your beavers. I'm hunting them.

  5. Are you a hole? Cause I'm digging you.

  6. Baby, you're so exotic. I've had my Eagle Eye on you from across the room all night.

  7. That's the thing about walkers, they demand to be hunted.

  8. I may be the hunter, but you can tame me anytime.

  9. If you were a deer... I'd shoot you.

  10. It's hunting season and fox like you shouldn’t be out in the open!

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What is a Hunting pickup line?

Funny hunting pickup lines

Why yes, I *am* a hunter. Would you like to come over and play with my kitty?

Your rack is nicer than the last Buck I shot.

You must be a monster, because I can’t stop hunting you down.

Hey baby, you bring out the Beast within me.

Is your daddy a hunter. 'Cause your such a fox!

I'll hunt, you gather.

If you were a deer, I'd let you walk.

Don't worry baby I've got you in my cross hairs.

Are you a hunted house?

Cause I'm gonna scream when I come inside you.

Are you going hunting ?

Because i got the right meat for you

Just read des

The fbi is hunting my penis can i hide inside you

Forget waterfowl, you look like a real trophy.

Girl are you hurt? I am going to track you down no matter where you are.

Girl, I have checked all my gears. Are you ready to have a good time?

Girl, your beauty has hit me like a deer in the headlights.

Have you been with a hunter? We always wait for the perfect timing to bring you to climax ending.

Hey girl, you are so gorgeous. You bring out the beast in me. 

I am a hunter, but I'd rather tame you more than kill you.

I am in the rut and you are my doe in heat. 

I have planned a long time to hunt for your heart.

I know you are not a good hunt, but you sure look like you would be a perfect mount.

I know you don't have a big rack. But you're still a trophy to me.

I must be a tick, because I'm stuck on you.

If you were a buck you'd be a great kill, a big rack and a nice ass.

If you were a deer, you'd be a once in a liftime trophy.