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Top 50 Psychology Pick Up lines

Are you studying Psychology or trying to pick up chicks or guys who are into Psychology? Use these clever pick up lines that relate to Psychology to help you break the ice!

  1. You are my belongingness to my Maslow's Humanistic Theory based on the Hierarchy of needs.

  2. Why don't you let me put my myelin on your axon for the night?

  3. Girl, I know you're studying psychology, but I would love to study you.

  4. Who needs drugs that will stimulate dopamine transmission when simply being with you does the trick.

  5. Hey boy, are you a conditioned stimulus?

    Cause you're making me drool.

  6. Ooh, are you electrically stimulating my hypothalamus,

    or is this just an unconditioned response?

psychology pickup line
What is a Psychology pickup line?

Working short psychology pickup lines to impress a girl

I'll be the neurotransmitter to your synaptic gap.

I’m actually a psychology major, so I know this won’t work, that you won’t respond or want to go for coffee with me.

(For people with silly brains im referring to reverse psychology)

Is your medulla inflamed?

Because you made my heart skip a beat!

I think I'm schizophrenic,

because baby I'm delusional about you.

psychology pickup line
This is a funny Psychology pickup line!

Girl you make me want more cardiac muscarinic receptors.

Even when I can't see you face-to-face, you are always in my visuospatial sketchpad.

I'm not feeling myself today, may I feel you?

psychology Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Are you Phineas Gage?

Because I lost my mind for you.

According to the Similarity Attraction Effect, I must be attractive because you're beautiful.

If you texted me every time I thought of you, you'd be blowing up my phone.

Our love is like the duration of long-term memory: it is infinity.

Don't mind me observing you, I'm just doing some case study.

Are you Broca's apahsia?

Because you leave me speechless.

psychology pickup line
Working Psychology tinder opener

Let me Freudian slip into you tonight.

psychology Pickup Lines to Start a Conversation

Boy, you activate my ventral striatum.

You’re into threesomes?

Great, ’cause I’ve got split personality.

You put me in an altered state of consciousness.

Is your name chocolate, bc you make my seratonin levels rise and give me a sense of pleasure.

You remind me of my mom.

If you were a drug you'd be a stimulant because you make my heart beat faster.

You make my dopamine levels go all silly.

Girl you flood my dopamine neurotransmitters.

Baby are you tired because you've been running through my reticular formation all day.

You raise my oxytocin levels.

Can we recreate the Stanford Prison Experiment?

You can be bad cop all you want.

Has the mere-exposure effect kicked in yet, or do I need to spam more of your instagram pictures?

psychology Pickup Lines to Make Her Blush

So do you have an o**... or an fixation?

Hey baby, will you let me socially p**... your triangular theory of love?

s**... is on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Care to help me self-actualize?

Damn Baby, you activate my HPA axis. You make my dopamine levels go all silly.

You must be studying psychology, because you know that I want you.

Are you a conditioned stimulus?

Cause you’re making me drool.

Damn Baby! you just made my afferent neurons buzz with excitement.

Hey, I understand you like him, but projection works.

Shhh, don't worry, you'll repress that this ever happened.

I enjoy long walks to the MEG scanner and one-on-one time with a participant in the Eyetracker.

Excuse me, can I sleep with you because I need to make copies?

Is that sign tracking, or are you just happy to see me?

Hey baby i got an acronym for you. D.A.Y.U.M

Baby, do I remember you from my dreams, or is that just a false memory?

I must have a neurodegenerative disease because I've forgotten your number cutie.

I don't know much about Freud, but you remind me of my mother.

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