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Top 41 Spoon Pick Up lines

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  1. Are you sugar?

    Because you're sweet and I wanna spoon you.

  2. Are you soup cuz I want to spoon you

  3. There is no spoon. But there is a rolling pin in my pants.

  4. I like my women like I like my soup: Hot, Creamy, and no stranger to spooning.

  5. You're the Nutella to my spoon.

  6. Well, hey there! I sure don’t need a spoonful of sugar to swallow you.

  7. I've got all these forks and knives,

    All I need is a little spoon.

  8. all these forks and knives

    But I'm still missing a little spoon

  9. I’ll give up my morning cereal to spoon you instead.

  10. Are you ice cream?

    Because I don’t know if I’d rather lick you or spoon you

spoon pickup line
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Funny spoon pickup lines

Hey girl, are you soup
Because I want to spoon you

Are you ice cream?

Cause I can't decide if I want to lick you or spoon you.

Hey, baby. Wanna lick my spoon?

Are you my cereal?

Cause I wanna spoon you

spoon pickup line
This is a funny Spoon pickup line!

Are you my cereal?

Cause I would spoon you

Are u cutlery
Because we could fork and spoon all day

Are you chocolate pudding?

Because I want to spoon you ;)

What's your favorite utensil?

Cuz I'd like to spoon

Girl, I already got Ben&Jerry's

All I need is the little spoon

Are you cereal?

Cuz i wanna spoon you

I can eat yogurt without a spoon

She said “wow impressive” and I don’t know how to respond.

I eat yogurt twice a day every day

*whitout using a spoon*

spoon pickup line
Working Spoon tinder opener

Are you a kitchen utensil

Cuz I wanna spoon 🥴

Girl, do you want to go out tonight?

I can eat yogurt without a spoon

You must be Chile…

because I’d like to spoon you.

Yogurt. Cereal. Soup.

*Name* from Tinder. These are all things I want to spoon.

ZARYA: I actually like to be the little spoon.

Are you a Hong Kong protestor?

Because I want to be your big spoon

Girl you're like Nutella...

Cause really wanna lick you or spoon you, Ahhh I'm confused 🤦‍️ maybe I'll do both 🤪

- Day 10

You look like a bowl of ice cream, I just gotta spoon you.

You must be frozen yogurt, because I want to spoon you.

Let’s pretend you’re a potato salad and I’ll be a spoon. Can I dig in now?

You look like a bowl of macaroni salad, I just gotta spoon you.