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Top 36 Thick Pick Up lines

Are you looking for some thick pick up lines? We have compiled the best pick up lines that are related to being thick. These pick up lines are funny, cheesy, and sometimes corny. They can be good to use in some situations. Use these pick up lines to pick up some girls that have a little meat on their bones.

  1. Hey did you fire missiles at Gaza?

    Because your booty Israely thick

  2. [to use with a girl with curves] “call me Mike Tyson from an alternate universe where he’s the lead singer of disturbed”

    Cuz I’m down with the thickness

  3. What’s big long and thick? ......

    That’s right a subway sub and that’s not the only 6inch you’ll be getting

  4. Hey baby! I can help you find the thick iron rod if it gets missing in the midst of darkness.

  5. Spread love as thick as you would avocado.”

  6. You are my perfect taco. Thick on the bottom and light on the top.

  7. I like my women like I like my glasses: Thick and sturdy.

  8. I like my women like I like my glasses: Thick and black.

  9. Damn girl you a KFC? Cause i want to eat your juicy breast and thick thighs.

  10. Those curves got me feelin’ like I’m Disturbed

    Because I am Down With The Thickness

thick pickup line
What is a Thick pickup line?

Working thick pickup lines

You are honey , babygirl.
Sweet, thick, brown and shiny

If thick thighs save lives then you must be the lifeguard at swim lessons

Hey girl are you a sedimentary rock

Because you’re miles thick

Are you a relative of wheat ?

Coz you're as thick as an oatmeal

thick pickup line
This is a funny Thick pickup line!

You remind me of recently microwaved clam chowder

Because you are hot, white and thick.

Do you like disturbed?

Good, because I’m trying to get down with the thickness.

I feel like I'm a pizza

7 inches, thick, loaded with cheese, and I'm all you need ;)

You fire missiles at Gaza?

Cuz that booty Israel thick

Your kiss is like a burger patty

Thick, Tender and Juicy

Do you have a mirror in your pocket? I just want to make sure my eyeliner is on thick enough.

Girl, ya look like a bottle of maple syrup... THICK!

Alan Thicke would approve

Gurrrrl... is your name Alan cause you sure are Thicke...

thick pickup line
Working Thick tinder opener

Are you cheese burst?

Cause I can eat anything that is, thick, white and salty.

You are like the perfect indian taco:

thick on the bottom and light on the top

You must be flex seal liquid,

Cuz you're super thick.

I'd pick you over a thick envelope any day.

My head is under water, but I'm breathing fine. You are thick and I'm out of my mind.

I love curvy women – you are big, sexy, thick, wide and beautiful.

Girl, yuh look like a bottle a maple syrup....THICK.

That honey is thick and runny on your fingers. Mmmmm…

For a lot of thick white girls, every Friday is Black Friday.

Hey baby, I like my women like I like my anthropology. Thick and cultural.

Want a taste of this thick tonkotsu broth made with sweet lovin?