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Top 49 Vegetarian Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Vegetarian pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Vegetarian conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. I might be a vegetarian,

    But your meat is an exception!

  2. I hope you're not a vegetarian...

    Because I would love to put some meat in you!

  3. It bodes well for me that you’re vegetarian

    Because I assume that means you’d prefer a little meat over a lot

  4. Girl I hope you’re not a vegetarian

    Because I wanna feed you my meat

  5. Help me with this

    On tinder i used the "sit on my face and i will eat my way to your heart" line and her reply was "im vegetarian" how do i continue this

  6. You’re not a vegetarian are you???

    Because I’d love to MEAT you

  7. He are you vegetarian?

    Cuz I'd love to feed you my sausage.

  8. Can I cover you in agave nectar?

  9. Could you help me out? I’m trying to decide if I want to keep these new hemp sheets, but I need a second opinion.

  10. Do you have a very good second? I’m trying to decide if I wish to keep these new hemp linens, but I need an additional opinion.

vegetarian pickup line
What is a Vegetarian pickup line?

Funny vegetarian pickup lines

Do you like my new skirt? I love pleather but it makes me all hot and sweaty.

Even though I'm a vegetarian, I still need my daily dose of meat and protein darling.

Hey baby, can I milk your soybeans?

How do you get your protein?

vegetarian pickup line
This is a funny Vegetarian pickup line!

I am sure we could both reach the big O in no time. Organic that is.

I have new hemp sheets, wanna try them out?

I have veganaise in the fridge at my place.

I know all the E-numbers.

I may be a vegan, but I want your meat.

I want you to stuff me like a tofurkey.

I would like to give a kiss tofu.

I'll eat your peach if you try my zucchini.

vegetarian pickup line
Working Vegetarian tinder opener

I’ll eat Hip Whip on anything.

If I give you my number will you promise to kale me?

If I said you had the body of a vegetarian, would you hold it against me?

May I ACTUALLY take your photo? It’s for the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian level of competition.

May I take your picture? It’s for the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian competition.

Mmmmm. I could really go for a hot veggie dog right about now.

My heart is certified cage-free, so my love can roam to you.

Protein, did you say protein? I have endless amounts of protein if needed.

The World's Sexiest Vegetarian is looking for models, can I submit your picture?

Wanna come up and see my Vitamix?

Wanna go to the grocery store and read labels?