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Top 34 Watermelon Pick Up lines

Do you love watermelon, or do you want to hit on that girl or guy who loves watermelon? Use these watermelon related pick up lines to help you flirt and impress. These lines involve watermelons in different ways, including puns, general mentions, and more!

  1. You are as rare as finding a watermelon without pits.

  2. I'm no watermelon

    But i do have something pink and juicy that i know you'll like

    and it's seedless, for now ;)

  3. Is your ass a watermelon? Because I'd smash that.

  4. Girl, you put the sweet water inside your melons.

  5. You got watermelon? Because I would eat you any summer day.

  6. I like your watermelons, can I taste them?

  7. Is your dad a farm? Because you got some nice watermelons.

  8. Girl, do you like watermelons? Because you have water in your melons!

  9. If I were a watermelon, I'd let you crush me between your thighs.

  10. Babe, I am a watermelon. Take my skin off and swallow my seeds.

watermelon pickup line
What is a Watermelon pickup line?

Working watermelon pickup lines

Babe you got some nice watermelons. Can I see your melons?

Girl I am all about the watermelon. I am as seedy as it gets.

You know the difference between an attractive girl like you and a watermelon? I don't mind getting your juices all over me.

I want to crack you open and eat you sweet insides like that watermelon.

watermelon pickup line
This is a funny Watermelon pickup line!

Girl, are you ripe? Because I would give you a good thump before I eat you up.

Girl, are you a watermelon? Because it is about to get messy when I eat you.

Do you like watermelons? I know how to pick up sweet watermelons.

Works on redheads

Girl youre like a watermelon.

Red and really sweet.


And wet when i eat you ofcourse

Does it work? Or is it garbage?

Are you a fruit store? Because I want to pick on your watermelons.

Babe, I am a sugar daddy with sweet watermelons. I'd like to invest some seed money into you.

Babe, you want to eat my watermelon tonight? You could either spit or swallow my fine seeds.

If I was a watermelon..

Would you spit or swallow my seed?

watermelon pickup line
Working Watermelon tinder opener


If I'm a watermelon, would you swallow or spit out my seed?

Hey girl, are you watermelon sugar?


Are you a watermelon?

Because Iā€™d smash that.

Do you spit or swallow your watermelon seeds?

Hey girl, are you a watermelon?

... Well? ...

Are you a watermelon?

'cause I wanna eat you from the inside out.

Are you a watermelon

Cause I will eat your seeds.

Are you a watermelon?

Because if I was Gallagher, I'd be hammering you all night long.

I like my woman like how I like my watermelon ā€“ sweet and juicy.

I want to crack you open like that watermelon.