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Top 50 Half Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Half pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Half conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. *Bites ice in half and spits it onto the table*

    Now that I broke the ice I can say it's nice to meet you I'm (state yours name)

  2. Multicolored hair request

    Alright ladies and gentlemen, I'm in Florida for a little bit and I met a girl with half black and half blonde hair. She's really great and I'd love to hear some pick up lines for her. I'm not really good at this and I haven't been able to think of any good ones.


  3. Man: Where have you been all my life?
    Woman: For the first half of it, I probably wasn’t born yet.

  4. I’ll take a half dozen organic eggs and one of you.

  5. Baby! You’re prettier than half my daughters.

  6. Are you a crawfish? Cuz I want to tear you in half and suck out your brains.

  7. I’m surprised you didn’t turn into dust when Thanos snapped

    Because you’re half my universe

  8. I hope you put up a lure, cuz I’m gonna be down here for half an hour.

  9. There may be no such thing as eternal bliss but I can offer you two-and-half-minutes of perfunctory pleasure.

  10. You’re like my favourite chocolate bar - half sweet and half nuts!

half pickup line
What is a Half pickup line?

Funny half pickup lines

I'm half black in all the right places.

Oh, you're half Irish? Then you already have half of me in you!

If you were even half as gorgeous as me, I’d consider sleeping with you.

Baby, would you like to be the other half of my superset?

half pickup line
This is a funny Half pickup line!

If you go to my bedroom at 12am, my clothes will be half off.

Hey, I've got a great deal. My pants are half-off.

Are you mixed?

Cause you looking half fine and half mine

Are you mixed? Cuz you look half fine and half mine.

You must have an infinite half life because I can't get you out of my system.

Are you Batman?

Because I want to break you in half like Bane.

I heard the mom is only half as pretty as the daughter.

Im guessing your mom is a supermodel.

Are you mixed because you half fine and half mine

half pickup line
Working Half tinder opener

Oh hey girl! Are you a half wave rectifier?

Cause you only see my positive side and nullify the negative ones

You are such a big teaser. You got half the way there now.

Stop searching for the other half, you are not the half

Coz you are the one

"Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder"

[Raises half full glass / winks and smiles]

If I had to rate you out of 10

You'd be a 9 anna half
- a pun pickup for girls named anna

Girl, if all the other girls looked half as good as you I’d be a player.

My trainer said "i am still overweight"

Can i put half kg in you?

“Hey what ethnicity are you?”

“Half Korean half White”
“Oh really? Because I thought you were just 100% hot”

They say cockroaches are the only things that can survive a nuclear blast. So... wouldn't you feel a little safer if you had the first half of that word in you?

What would you like on your half of the pizza?

... (30 minutes into chatting with her a pizza actually shows up)

I'm half of a heart.

Could you help regenerate and give me yours?