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Top 50 Losing Pick Up lines

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  1. Hey you must be the French Revolution

    Because I’m losing my head over you

  2. Are you a creative title? Because whenever I think of you, I lose it immediately.

    Hey are you a pickup line? Because I'm about to overdo you

  3. Are you a book?

    Because I want to use and then lose you and forget I ever knew you

  4. You be Mars and I’ll be NASA

    Just because I always lose my opportunity

  5. Are you a bottle of Tabasco sauce? Cause I’d like to lose your top.

  6. You should see my tower. You will lose your head.

  7. If you were a tear in my eye, I wouldn’t cry for fear of losing you.

  8. We only live once, baby. There's no time to lose.

  9. Are you Barça or Dortmund

    Because even if you lose, you're still a winner in my eyes.

  10. Did you lose an arrow? I found it in my heart.

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Funny losing pickup lines

You remind me of the guillotine, i always lose my head around you dear.

Can you keep up, baby boy make me lose my breath.

Are you a bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce? Cause I’d like to lose your top.

I could lose my head over you.

If you were a tear in my eye

I would never cry

for fear of losing you.

Damn, girl, are you The Walking Dead?

Because I'd like to see you three or four times and then completely lose interest.

Take me to bed or lose me forever. from "Top Gun"

Hey girl, are you on a diet?

Because you could seriously afford to lose a few pounds.

I managed to copywrite some letters of the alphabet...

I'd totally lose an "I" to get "U"

This place is tired

“This place is tired...but I’m not. Wanna get outta here?”

If you’re at a bar or club that’s losing its crowd, this is a good line to get a chick to leave with you.

What has a (number)-inch blade and never loses reception?

How about we head over to the bedroom and you can find out.

Can I be your Water Temple?

Because I want to make you lose your mind as you get wet

Did you lose your inhaler?

Cuz you got that ASS ma!

Hey girl, are you Australia?

Cause if you are then you would most likely lose the war against the Emus.

Oh also you're hot.

Dayum, are you from Jordan?

Because I’m Petra-fied of losing you.

Are you a wall after I lose a video game?

Cuz I wanna hit that

If i ever dared you to play a game of stare with me... Who would win!?

If I ever dared you to play a game of stare with me... Who would win!?
I'd be me! As i would be lost deep into those beautiful ocean eyes of yours. But I'd say,I will definitely lose...
Lose my heart in exchange.

What Happens When You Are THIRSTY Towards Women!

What Happens When You Are THIRSTY Towards Women:
They become DISGUSTED by your presence, and also, of most other men.
They then go home to their Husbands, Fathers, Brothers or Sons and COMPLAIN about Men being "Dogs".
This is a lose-lose situation.
So Tusty-men, PLEASE STOP! -PM

What food makes women lose their sex drive, gain 100 pounds and costs 35 thousand dollars?

Wedding cake.

Girl, are you my kids?

Cause I want to lose custody of you...

If i had...

If i had a stare match with you... Will i win or would lose to you!?

Are you Dr. Dre?

Because I’m about to lose my mind since you’ve been gone for so long

Are you superstitious....?

...and then she unmatched me! She didn't even have the common courtesy to provide the damn punchline.

Has anyone heard this one before? The mystery is killing me more than losing a match.

You're leaving for the Caribbean?! But I just Haiti the the thought of ever losing you!

Ty-win or Ty-lose, I'll still ty-love you!