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  1. Are you method acting because you're really in my head.

  2. The fun of false assumption in conversation

    I don't know how to describe this style of conversation but I'll just put it as "assuming" style of conversation. When I use this method, I get more positive reactions from girls. What I meant by this assuming style is, Let's say, this girl said she's gonna be at a night club and later on, the clock hits 4 in the morning and I'm home. I could text her like, "Are you having fun in the night club?" And she could just reply with one word "Yes" or "No". But when I just **assume** something and send her a text like, "Did you have fun in the night club?", something interesting happens like, she sent me a drunk voice message to me which is far better than just text saying "yes" or "no". Instead of her saying "no", she wanted to show me that she was still having a party. Do you follow what I'm conveying here? False assumption can create an interesting situation is what i'm saying.

    I'm not here to say I'm a master of this assuming conversation style. I'm more like, here to ask "I think this style is pretty good esp when the conversation with this chick is about to die." **"Are there any PUA materials that deal with this type of style?"**

    Hope you guys get what I'm trying to ask here.

  3. Is your body the scientific method?

    Because your observed measurements are perfect but I want to repeatedly sample them for posterity

  4. You’re the only girl i’d ever share my secret method to moist turkey with!

  5. I am a boolean method whose love will always return true.

  6. If I were a method, you must be my parameter, because I will always need you.

  7. My main method is 'public love iLoveYou().'

  8. You are my methods. I am nothing without you.

  9. My multi-phasic trans-dimensional inducer method is guaranteed to complete your cycle of operations.

  10. The moment I found you, my depreciation method changed from a double declining to a 150% declining balance

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