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Top 13 Robin Pick Up lines

Is your loved one watching the show Robin or is your loved one like the show Robin? Grab their attention with these Robin from the show "Robin" inspired pick up lines. They are cheesy, funny, and sweet. Use these pick up lines to flirt with your loved ones.

  1. Hey girl, is your name Robin? Because I want you to slide down my Batpole.

  2. I see Robin and I aren't the only dynamic duo in town.

  3. Are your parents retarded?

    Because I think you're special.

    - Robin Williams.

  4. Is your name Robin? Because I’d like it if you slide down my bat pole.

  5. It seems robin and I are not the only dynamic duo in town any longer.

  6. Are you Robin? Because I am batman and we make the dynamic duo.

  7. I may be Batman, but you’re still robin my heart.

  8. I'm friends with Superman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Kanye!

  9. "Are Your Parents Retarded?

    Because you sure are special" - Robin Williams R.I.P

  10. Is your name robin?

    Because your robin my heart >///< )

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Working robin pickup lines

Are you Baskin Robins?
Because you’re 31 different flavors of gorgeous

I may be Batman, but you're Robin my heart

Will you be the Robin to my Hat-Man?