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Top 50 Throw Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Throw pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Throw conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Are you my homework?

    ‘Cause I wanna throw you on the table and do you all night but I’ll give up two minutes in and start crying.

  2. *Finishes drink and throws the left over ice cubes on the floor, in front of her. Then steps on them.*

    _I was told this is a great icebreaker. Did it work?_

  3. Hey girl, are you a tree?

    Because I want to chop you up with an axe and throw you inside of a fireplace

  4. Are you a Golden pickaxe?

    Cause I’m gonna use you then throw you away

  5. Do you need water to live?

    Yeah? Look, we already have something in common!

    This is my cousin's other pickup line. I'm doing this cuz he's been trying and no girl will go out with him. He even stopped throwing mashed potatoes on the ceiling! He's getting discouraged. I'm looking to cheer him up.

  6. Girl, call me Neeraj Chopra because I'll throw my javelin inside you.

  7. How do i approach the girl next door who's constantly staring (kinda throwing signs) since a week?

  8. If we were the last two people on earth.

    I'd throw a boogie bomb down so we can dance together forever.

  9. Are you a seatbelt?

    Cuz I’d feel a whole lot safer if you were pressed up against me

    2: Because if I’m feeling reckless I might throw you behind me

  10. You remind me of a guitar.

    I want to grab you by the neck, throw you over my shoulder, and get my fingers all over that fretboard!

    (might have to mime setting up your air guitar to not be too scary)

throw pickup line
What is a Throw pickup line?

Funny throw pickup lines

Honey, being with me is like a roller coaster. There’s always the possibility you could throw up.

Can I throw you some bread sometime?

Are you a pilot? Because you look like the first episode of the rest of my life.

Just to throw them off a lil.

Hey girl are you toilet paper?

Cuz I wanna use you and throw you away

throw pickup line
This is a funny Throw pickup line!

Are you an orphanage?

‘Cause I wanna throw a baby in you

Hi are you a rollercoaster?
Because you make me throw up.

Hey Sasuke!

How’d you like to have your Throwing-knife in my Shuriken?

Are you my ps4 controller

Because i wanna throw you against a wall.

Are you an ender pearl

Because I wanna throw u against a wall

Want to party? Here's a Netflix account and let's throw a Netflix Party.

Are you a staircase?

Because I want to throw myself down on you

Hey girl are you a dryer

Because your the reason I keep having to throw out one of my socks

throw pickup line
Working Throw tinder opener

Your total is $10.67 but I'll throw in my number for free.

Hey I am crypto, can I crash at your place tonight

Or hey I am crypto throw some money on me and I'll go down

Are you a bowling ball?

Because I want to stick my fingers in you and then throw you in the gutter.

Are you garbage?

Because I want to tie you up in a bag and throw you in my garage

I'm not familiar with the term "throwing it back".

Maybe you could show me how to do it.

Hey, are you a basketball?

Cause I want to repeatedly bounce you off the floor and throw you into a hole where you will plummet to the floor at high velocity.

Hi there , have you heard of the reverse washing machine experience?

First I’ll turn you on then I’ll throw a load in ya.

My horrible boyfriend’s got me at the end of my rope.

Can you throw me a pickup line?

Are you a Pokemon?

Cause I wanna throw my pokeballs at you.

*Throws self onto the ground next to the girl*

Oh hi.... didn't see you there. Oh wait... yes i did. You're the girl of my dreams ;)

You're the type of person thats like homework

You're boring to talk to
I neglect you
But at the last moment...
But i have to warn you, I'm on trial for raping a genius blind girl...