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Top 50 Worry Pick Up lines

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  1. I’m not religious

    So the only cross I’m worried about is whether I ever cross your mind

  2. On the scale of 100, you're 31.

    But don't you worry, we can work on the rest 69 together.

  3. Don't worry baby, I'm only fast on my feet.

  4. Don't worry about me keeping up with you babe. I have extra Stamina potions.

  5. Don't worry ladies that isn't a pistol in my pocket.

  6. We don't have to worry about leaving carbon footprints when we're horizontal.

  7. You look like you're on the kiss offenders registry

    Don't worry, I'm into bad boys

  8. No, you don’t have to worry. Haven’t you heard? Turns out we wouldn’t have to go to confession at all!

  9. Don't worry I won't bite... No teeth!

  10. You don't have a reservation? Don't worry, because I have your reservation in my heart.

worry pickup line
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Funny worry pickup lines

Baby don't worry about getting pregnant i'll safely remove my hardware.

I've fallen for you and I can't get up! No worries though, life alert is on its way!

Dont worry baby! I got blessing of Protection!

Don't worry, I've had years of field work.

worry pickup line
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Don’t worry, the carpet doesn’t match the drapes.

Don't you worry baby, my ligand and your receptor are perfect for each other.

Don’t worry about getting caught. I’ll have Mike Pence deny it.

Is that an illegal alien in your pants or are you just worried I'll deport you?

Dont worry I'm a grower not a shower.

Don't worry baby I make enough money so you don't have to worry about the fact your gender studies degree is useless.

Don't worry, I always wear a hood.

If a fat bearded man puts you in a bag at night, don’t worry! I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas

worry pickup line
Working Worry tinder opener

Don't worry, babe. The Cybermen won't hurt you. You can't upgrade perfection.

Don't worry about slipping on the ice during this run, I'll be sure to catch you.

Did you know there are only 20 letters in the alphabet?

"no there is 26"

"oh I forgot U R A Q T"

"That's still only 25?!?"

"dont worry you'll get the D later"

You've got fragile written all over you.

Don't worry, I'll handle you with care.

Don't worry baby I've got you in my cross hairs.

The high today is going to be 23 degrees. But don't you worry, I'll keep you warm.

Don’t worry about me baby... I'm just gettin’ some measurements, cuz I'm about to lay some pipe!

Shhh, don't worry, you'll repress that this ever happened.

Coronavirus pickup mega-compilation

**Some I borrowed, some I stole, some I tweaked. Dating app seal of approval for these no lies.**

* Covid cancelling everything except my feelings for you ️
* When the quarantine is over, would you be interested to be less than a meter away from me?
* Hey just so just to let you know, you can't spell quarantine without U R A Q T .
* Government is banning all non-essential travel I hear BUT if we hurry we can get to my place before your south border closes!
* Hey did you hear the NBA shut down? But that doesn’t mean I can’t come over and shoot my shot right?
* Due to the coronavirus stocks are going down I hear, so do I, girl .
* Hey so I went to my doc to get tested for the coronavirus.
* \*waits\*
* Doc says I'm fine just missing one thing: vitamin U .
* Oh wow did you hear now the coronavirus could potentially be transmitted through oral s3x?
* \*waits\*
* Yeah but doctors are not sure apparently. Want to test it out?
* Does this mean we can go halfsies?
* On a #quarantinebaby I mean.
* Wanna play quarantine? Masks on pants off go!
* They say the key to coronavirus detection is a high fever, don't worry I have a built in thermometer ;)
* You wearing face masks when you go out? Or worried they make u look crazy.
* \*waits\*
* I'm sure you could rock the mask! It would look very becoming on you.
* Of course, if I was up on you I would be coming as well .

And for the finale:

* Now here's a riddle for you: Lauren and Jake have the coronavirus, they are going to the movies with their friends Joe and Kim who don't have the virus.
* You have to arrange their seats so contagious people sit next to each other, but not next to healthy people. The rules are Lauren has to sit to the right of Jake, and to the left of Joe, and you can't have Jake next to Kim, and you can only move once, and they can't sit in in the aisle, and ah fk it will you just come sit on my lap and give me a big smooch/ride me/something dirty?

Don't worry about your clothes you won't need them.

Don't worry ... It's shorter than you think.