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Top 46 Charge Pick Up lines

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  1. I like my girls like my charging ports

    Next to my bed and always turned on.

  2. I’m in charge of swabbing the Poop Deck.

  3. You're coming at me fast, but I'd take a charge for you.

  4. Hey baby, if being hot and sexy was a crime,

    I’d need to call Sherif Caitlyn because you’re guilty as charged.

  5. How much do you charge? My paper-grading job doesn't pay a lot.

  6. Damn girl, if not obeying gender conventions were a crime, you would be guilty as charged!

  7. Is your passive charged? Cause' you're stunning.

  8. Damn, if being tasty was a crime, you'd be guilty as charged!

  9. You're the lightning bolt that charges my creeper.

  10. Want to see my fully charged skyward strike?

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Funny charge pickup lines

Hey are you a charged particle?
Because I got my ‘ion’ you ;)

I’ve got some charge you can blow!

I got a charge out of bonding with you.

Are you a damaged laptop battery

Cause I can charge you day and night to get you going.

Are you a cloth?

Because I get an electrostatic charge when you rub against me.

I last longer than goku charging up his spirit bomb.

Are you going to charge me microtransaction?
Because you're b(EA)utifil

I like my girls like type-C charging ports...

Going both ways.

Do you have positive charge?

Cuz i'm attracted to you

Call me ben

Because all my girls are ten

Now in all seriousness am I the asshole here?

My sister just bought me a apple watch, it wasn't the newest so I was super pissed. Like what the hell? Who buys an apple product and not the newest? But anyway I was annoyed all day. It was my birthday and my dad bought me a new Ipad which was nice altough only the 128 GB version and I asked for the 256 GB.

So to the point. I was at the train station with my sister and my dad. And I put the Apple watch my sister gave me on craigslist for free to pick up. (Who's gonna use that trash LMAO) So my sister saw me do that. She got angry at me like what the hell? So as the train came up to the platform I pushed her in front of it.

I am now faced with charge of murder, like wtf she got what she deserved. I am now posting this from her funeral laughing my ass off.

Was I the asshole? I don't think I did wrong neither do my friends and 4 million instagram followers. This is just a waste of time smh...

Have you ever been charged with arson?

Because you just set my heart on fire.

I didn't charge my phone last night

I only have 10% of battery left. But i'm still 100% into you

Hey girl are you an electric charge?

Cause I want to coulomb on top of you

On a scale of 1-10, how cool are you?

Her: Negative.
Me: Perfect! I'm like on the positive side. So as science say, "Like charges repel and unlike charges attract". No wonder we matched xx

Are you a charger?

Because without you not charging me with life i would die.

Are you charge multiplied by time?

Cause you're a Qt

I think you just charged up my phial

I'll even throw in my secret sauce free of charge.

Have you been laid recently? Because I have a charge 8 stick with your name on it.

I used to buy Roblox gift cards, now I just straight charge my credit card.

I'm large and in charge. Giant, actually. Can you handle it? (Turtle)

Hey babe, I'll charge my smash as long as possible to take you to heaven.

You are my AA battery, you charge me up

You spend so much time in my mind, I should charge you rent.

You sure make me wish I hadn't crapped my pants when that bull charged.