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Top 50 Load Pick Up lines

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  1. Are you a washing machine?

    Cuz i wanna fill you with my dirty load

  2. Are you an exam because I want to put loads of time and effort into you, only to be told that I am a 3/10 on the sheets.

    Made this one myself, hope it is good

  3. I'll deliver power to your load.

  4. Baby are you a detonator because I just blew my load.

  5. Me cannon’s primed and loaded.

  6. I have a dirty weekend planned.

    Do you know what I’m going to do? Three loads of laundry.

  7. Hey girl, I'm going to be your hopper tonight, I'm going to drop my load in bit by bit.

  8. Hey baby, you’re a source of power , and you are the kind of strength that I would like to express my load.

  9. I've got something besides a loaded-gun complex you can cock and pull.

  10. Hey baby want to see a rigid body distribute lots of loads.

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Funny load pickup lines

Are you a gun?
Because I want you shooting your load in my mouth

Hey baby, are you a gun? Cause I want to load you.

Are you a fully loaded mouse trap?

Cause I wanna stick my dick in you...

You got a truck with flashing lights and flags?

Because I've got an oversized load coming for you

Hey are you a laundry machine?

Because I wanna drop my dirty load in you

Come ride my star rocket and feel it explode, with the the thrust of two engines transporting my load.

Wanna know why I drive a fire proof forklift ?
Cause I'm about to drop off a hot load

Hey baby, are you related to a washing machine?

Cuz I really wanna put a load in...

Hey, are you good at laundry?

Because I have a huge load in my pants that I don't know how to dry

Wanna play cop and yoga instructor?

Meet me in the alley and I'll put a load in your stomach.

Hey girl are you a wasing machine?

Cuz I wanna dump my load in you

Are you a creeper?

Because I can see you blowing your load all over me

Pullin bare bitches w this one

Maybe you're blonde,

maybe you cook,

but can i get a load,

of that dumptruck-



Are you a dumpster

Because I gotta dump a load into you

Hey girl are you a truck

Because i want to put my load in u

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so let me shoot a load on you?

Credit to Michael Scott for the first part, obviously.

Hey baby, are you a load-bearing wall?

Because you’re all the support I need

Hey girl are you the Vietnamese countryside

Because I want to spill a hot sticky load on you

Hi there , have you heard of the reverse washing machine experience?

First I’ll turn you on then I’ll throw a load in ya.

Santa and Me are alike

We both can come down your chimney and deliver our holiday loads

Dang girl are you a pothole in the road?

Cuz I wanna fill you with my load

Are you a sinkhole?

Cuz I got a big load for you to swallow

Are you a boat in Somoli pirate infested waters?

Because I want to board you, for a couple of hours, tie you up steal all of your stuff and then shoot my load into you

Damn girl, are you a Noctua NH-D15?

Cause you be swallowing my load.

Are you Iran

Because I want to blow a load on you