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Top 50 Completely Pick Up lines

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  1. Hey are you my appendix?

    Cuz I’m not completely sure how you work but I have this weird feeling in my gut that makes me wanna take you out.

  2. I love you. You complete me.

  3. If I were to meet temari I would say did u just use a wind attack? Because it completely blew me away!

  4. Are you the sacrament of Confirmation? Cause you complete me.

  5. My head isn’t the only thing completely shaved.

  6. Every time i see you i feel you complete a piece of my heart.

  7. Is that my golf sack in your jeans since I simply completed a lengthy drive and I'd like to put my wood in it?

  8. Hey ladies, why don't we go back to my place and complete the Triforce.

  9. My pickup lines are Turing complete.

  10. Are you Netflix? because i think you're a complete waste of time and you get me bored and I'm done!

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Funny completely pickup lines

You're like milk, I want to make you a part of my complete breakfast.

I’m a firefighter... I run into burning buildings to save complete strangers, imagine what I would do for you.

Instead of completing the square, why not we complete each other?

I feel like we met at Whole Foods, because you make me feel complete.

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Hey boy, are you confirmation? because you complete me.

We live in a cynical world. A cynical world. And we work in a business of tough competitors. I love you. You…complete me. from "Jerry Maguire"

Are you my Amazon order?

Because you’re a complete package.

Damn, girl, are you The Walking Dead?

Because I'd like to see you three or four times and then completely lose interest.

Did someone just cast expelliarmus? Because you’ve got me completely disarmed.

Is your name Candy Crush? Because I’m completely addicted to you.

Sometime you double my respiration rate, sometime you stop it completely.

And, of course, this list wouldn't be complete without some costume-specific lines.

completely pickup line
Working Completely tinder opener

Are you the list piece of lego?

Because you complete my lego heart set

This dinner date won't be complete without a menu

Cos baby, you cant spell menu without ME n U

I am a phrase and you are a sentence. Why?

Because you complete me

If you wanna get 100% completion, you gotta first get me to 100% completion!

This one is only for maths majors. My life is the set of real numbers and you are the LUB axiom.

Dumbing it down- the real numbers wouldn't be complete if it weren't for the LUB axiom.

You must be from Turkmenistan

because I’m Manat complete without you.

I know this pickup might sound a bit humerus, but I assure you I'm being completely serous.

When you walk in the room, my femur is no longer the hardest bone in my body.

Martin Luther King Jr her.

“Hey so and so, I had a dream about you last night...”

60% of the time, it works every time. If she’s somewhat into you, she will show interest by asking what it was about multiple times, and wait for the “oh come on you can’t say that and not tell me what it was.” Then start to think about you thinking about her. Doesn’t work well on blind dates, complete strangers, or women who suffer night terrors as dreams are horrible things to them. Tread carefully.

I had a pickup line

But then i saw you and completely forgot what it was.

Hey bitch, you're like the E in DISEC

Completely meaningless

Opening line needed ASAP guys

Suggest me an opening line ASAP, we have been following each other on instagram since a while now, i have decided to make the move and reply her on this story, “CAN ALREADY SMELL THE FLOWERS AND CUTE MESSAGES I WONT BE GETTING ON THIS VALENTINE’s DAY” please suggest me something where i dont look as a creep, fyi, we dont know each other, we dont even have mutuals, completely random people