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  1. When I said you should go screw yourself, I didn’t mean you to take it literally.

  2. Do you have a diamond pickaxe? Because I'm literally as hard as obsidian right now.

  3. I would follow you anywhere. Literally, I’m starving.

  4. I named my ship Relations cause I like to be literal and knew you were coming home with me.

  5. It’s not that I don’t love your costume. It’s just that I am literally dying to see what’s underneath it.

  6. I'm dieing to see you. Literally. I don't have much time left.

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Did you call an Uber?

Because I’m here to literally pick you up

Now that I work at the library I can literally check you out.

I just got nominated for nobel prize

I created a new measurement unit,
Like length is measured in meter,
And liquid in liter,
Cuteness would be measured in you (her name)

Hey girl, are you freezing?

Because you are literally a 0.

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Are you a Kugelblitz?

Because you're so hot you literally break the laws of physics.

Hey baby, i'm gonna eat you out. Literally.

I literally can't live without you.

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I told stars about you

They literally fell

Is it okay for me to be internet explorer and crash at your place tonight?

This app just shut down my laptop its really sad so if you can surprise me with something funny in the comments I will literally love you a lot

A literal angel would not be an easy target. How would you flirt with Cas?

Are you air pollution???

Cause you literally took my breath away 🫁

I don’t get why girls are stocking up on toilet paper

When they can literally sit in my face for free🤷‍️

You complete me, literally. (Frankenstein)

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Working Literally tinder opener

Everything is made in China,

Except you. You're made in India. With Love. Literally.

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In France, they don't call kissing with tongue "French kissing", they call it "galocher"

Which translates literally to "you and me tonight?"


Let me pick you up because you literally like a fether

Are u coronavirus?

Cuz i will literally die if i can be with u

Hey, are you freezing?

Because you're literally a 0.

Girl are you from Delhi?
Cause you're smoking hot

- Day 56

* Context : Delhi is a hot place and has high polution and due to recent riots some places of Delhi are literally burning *

Are you a keyboard

Because I think your my type. (Literal cringe)

You complete me, literally. (Frankenstin)

When I saw you walk in, I got so hot, my skin melted. Literally. Around here, it’s an “in” look.

When I give you my hand in marriage, it will take on a literal meaning that nobody expects. (Frankenstin)

This may sound like a pick up line, but you might die without me. Literally!

You look dead sexy. Literally.

T and N = osculating plane, which literally means the 'kissing' plane.

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I'm pretty sure the last 10 books I've read have all been in coffee shops. I don't even know if I'm literate at home anymore.

I am literally the last man alive. Have kiss with me. Please.

This may sound like a pick up line, but you might die without me. Literally! (John Connor)

Put me in the right mood, and I can be a beast in bed. Literally.

It’s literally like there’s no one else in the room but you right now. Literally. Wait, is there anyone else in the room?

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