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  1. Are you 5.56 ammunition?

    Because when I go to school you allways end up in my head

    number In my country is 833-456-4566 don't take your anger out on yourself or others:)

    To the guy that contacted u/Redditcareresources I'm extremely flattered but I'm okay but bless your heart

  2. Ey gurl, are you the American healthcare system?

    Cuz' taking care of you is extremely expensive, like, seriously. Holy sh\*t.

  3. Are you helvetica? Because you are beautiful and extremely versatile.

  4. Are you a bite from a Banana Spider

    Because you give me an extremely painful erection

  5. You are platinum in a room full of gold.

    My friend who was graduating told me this in a Zoom meeting because he had to leave and I told him I’d miss him. Thought it was extremely kind and wholesome, wanted to share.

  6. Fuck me if I'm wrong, but aren't you extremely fugly?

  7. Are you an earth magnet ?

    Because you’re rare and extremely attractive.

    Idk If it’s been used but I just thought about it.

  8. Girl are you helvetica? Because you are beautiful and extremely versatile.

  9. Hey baby, you can call me Hulk

    Because I am extremely violent and angry and will possibly beat you to death while you sleep due to my extreme mental illnesses.

  10. The path of picking up ladies and superficiality

    "How many of these things have you sold?" said me uncle. He used to work in Coal-MINING. We gave him the benefit of the doubt when we called him our uncle, but we think he's really not one of us. Tables are turning, minds are churning, pornography is destroying our uncles, our this, our that.

    These days it's all about MUSCLE. Cash flowing from the WALLET. Superficial and maniacal, that's why we fantasize.

    PORNOGRAPHY has contributed to the EPITOMY OF BAD, called the internet. It's been extremely bad for all of the children and me uncle was the first to called it out in the late 90s.

    Guys, if you're on this path for real, comment "Yes, I'm gonna do this".


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I need an extremely meme-y pickup line to start a conversation.
Something like "Ravioli Ravioli will you be my valentinioni" but that one's shit

Every redhead I’ve met is extremely smart.

I don't have to be a medical professional to diagnose you with an extreme case of sexy.

Baby, you're like a white dwarf star, extremely hot but not very bright.

extremely pickup line
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The way the light reflects off the angles of your head is extremely enchanting.

Baby, the connection I'm feeling is stronger than the link between climate change and extreme weather

Your heart for worship is extremely attractive. The way that you sing your heart out and throw your hands in teh air... Gracious.

Careful, you're extreme hot

You must be my sister, because I'm extremely attracted to you.

Excuse me. I am not sure if you’re aware but i’m extremely attractive.