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Top 50 Dont Pick Up lines

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  1. Hey are you Maths Homework

    Because i want to subtract your clothes divide your legs and hope we dont multiply.

  2. Are you nicotine?

    Good: Because im addicted to you

    Bad: Cause I dont want anything to do with you

  3. Hey girl i think you're PETA

    Coz i dont think you can handle this meat

  4. Hey girl, are you the will to live

    Because I dont have you

  5. I dont always play a shaman but when i do il still lava you.

  6. I was reading the book of Numbers when I realized, I dont have yours.

  7. Im 80 but i dont feel a day over 79.

  8. Baby I dont have any invalid target area.

  9. I dont know if its this workout or you that just took my breath away.

  10. Hey girl. Why dont you be my Miss Elizabeth and I'll be your Macho Man?

dont pickup line
What is a Dont pickup line?

Funny dont pickup lines

Dont worry baby! I got blessing of Protection!

I dont think i need lights anymore

Because you brighten up my world.

Can you do sign language?

I wish i know how to sign, because i dont think any spoken words can describe how beautiful your are.

Can I tie your shoes?

Because i dont want you falling for anyone else :)

dont pickup line
This is a funny Dont pickup line!

Sweetheart, lemme tell you something... I am a real man... I dont use protection.

We are the reincarnated souls of two past lovers. Its our destiny to be together, you just dont remember our past life together.

Dont worry I'm a grower not a shower.

Im jealous of your heart

Its pumping inside you and im not *wink wink*
Ps: please dont kill yourself

Did you know there are only 20 letters in the alphabet?

"no there is 26"

"oh I forgot U R A Q T"

"That's still only 25?!?"

"dont worry you'll get the D later"

When you dont know how to start a conversation

I usually start with a pick up line, but in this case, you left me speechless

Girl, are you my father?

Cuz i dont know where have you been my whole life.

I dont like sand

It's coarse... rough and irritating... and it gets everywhere. Not like you, you're everything soft... and smooth.

dont pickup line
Working Dont tinder opener

You know I dont go fishing often,

But you're quite the catch!

Rose's are red

I have a gun
If you dont say yes
You better run

Are you a dog?

Because I dont know if you want a bone or not

If a guy with a beard wearing red kidnaps you and puts you in some sock .

Dont worry
He's just fulfilling my wishes

Whats the good of living if you dont try a few things? (Charles Schulz)

Baby why dont you come sit on my lap.

And we talk about the first thing that comes up

Whats the difference of an erection and a ferrari

I dont have a ferrari

Hey girl, are you 2016?

Because after 2020 and the pandemic you dont look so bad anymore

I dont normally run

But when im with you my heart is always racing.

Want to get a pizza and bang..

What, you dont like pizza?

My pants is like a Happy Meal. So why dont you open it up? You will find a big toy inside.