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Top 23 Location Pick Up lines

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  1. Hey girl, do you have an externally-located scrotum?

    Because your body is really hot

  2. The map to my heart is located on the veins of my left arm.

  3. Are you an overcrowded library branch location? Because you are STACKED.

  4. Are you Australia? Cause your geographical location is hot.

  5. Hey baby, did you fall from heaven? Because I have no tracking data to indicate how you arrived at this location.

  6. Hey girl, my name's Uber and I have reached my pick-up location.

  7. Girl are you a persistent, large-scale cyclone located near the geographic poles? Cause you give me the chills.

  8. Are you a sea location device

    Cuz you're bouy-tiful

  9. Tell me your location,

    Because I like to come to you.

  10. Searched for moon's address

    Girl it sent your location.

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Funny location pickup lines

Hey girl, are you located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers?
Because that ass is lookin like a Fertile Crescent to me

Are u located in area 51

Cause I'm tryna clap yo cheeks

Found this casually..

Love is a sensation, caused by temptation, to feel penetration, for a guy to stick his location, in a girls destination, to increase the population, for the next generation, do you get my explanation, or do you need a demonstration?

Kissing is like real estate. The most important thing is location, location, location.

Are you Cornell? Because I saw that you have an Ithaca area code and that's where Cornell is located.

I'd like to locate close with and destroy your hooyah with my madeuce!

Girl, you must have fallen from heaven because there is no tracking data to indicate how you arrived at this location.

Girl, you must have been money laundrying, because there is no tracking data to indicate how you arrived at this location.

Hi. I just heard on the traffic report that traffic is slow moving at (your location) because drivers were being distracted near a (model/color of her car). You really should make an effort to be a little less attractive before you go out at rush hour.

Hey baby, let's go to my house and change your spawn location.

Do you believe in love at first optical recognition, or should i ambulate by your location again?

Love is a sensation, caused by a temptation, to feel penetration. a guy sticks his location in a girl's destination, to increase the population for the next generation.

So last night I had the same dream over and over - always the same thing, but in a different location every time. I kept dreaming that I was asking you out, but every time before you answered, I woke up, and I'm dying to know what your answer was.