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Top 50 Drunk Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Drunk pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. Include killer Omegle conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. I just voted, now who wants get drunk and see my electoral college?

  2. I’m not drunk. I’m just intoxicated by your beauty.

  3. I’m officially drunk enough for you to take advantage of me.

  4. I didn't get you drunk, honey, I injected you with flavor.

  5. Kiss me, we're both drunk and won't remember it tomorrow.

  6. I want to be Popocatépetl to your Iztaccíhuatl, except your not dead just fucking drunk.

  7. I'm drunk and you're still ugly.

  8. I can’t get drunk off alcohol, but I’d like to get drunk off you.

  9. From one of my favorite youtubers... "Can you let me know when you're drunk enough that you find me attractive?"

    If your curious, the channel is Joe Goes. He was epic

  10. Are you leftover pizza?

    I should probably get rid of you but now that I'm drunk I'ma put you in my mouth again

drunk pickup line
What is a Drunk pickup line?

Funny drunk pickup lines

Wanna get drunk and start heming-away?

Yes I'm drunk and you look stunning...

But tomorrow when I'm sober, you'll still look beautiful

I'll take you home when you are too drunk to drive.

Are you a toddler playing in the road

Because I'm drunk and I'm ready to plow right into you

drunk pickup line
This is a funny Drunk pickup line!

Hey I’m drunk right now

But it’s okay because that just means I get to see 2 if you

Are you a traffic sign?
Because I’d love to take you home on a drunk night

You're still ugly but I'm drunk. Let's fuck.

A: How drunk are you?

B: About like your face.
A: What?
B: Pretty

This only works if they ask you, but still.

I've got a case of WD-40 in the back, wanna get drunk?

The Republican presidential debate is going to be like a singles bar full of unattractive men trying to get you drunk enough to vote for them

Can you drive me home, I'm too drunk to drive and you wouldn't want me to get a DWI would you?

You wanna get drunk and make some mistakes sometime?

70% of the time, it works every time.

drunk pickup line
Working Drunk tinder opener

Ur lips are like wine ,

And I want to get drunk !

Drunk women are disgusting. By the way, I am going to win the drunk woman vote. (Donald Trump)

Hey are you a drunk driver called Dave getting a blowjob from a stoned prostitute in a 2015 Chevy Malibu?

Cause you're giving me really mixed signals

I’m not drunk

I’m just intoxicated by you

I'm so glad prohibition was repealed, because i'm drunk on you.

If you want to get drunk, lets toast. I'll get you drunk with my music (Jay Chou)

Do you want to go out on Friday? Also, can you pick me up? I will be drunk.

Your lips are like wine and I want to get drunk.

Am I drunk or are you really that beautiful?

I’m fine with being just friends, as long as I can seduce you when we’re drunk.

I’m not Irish, but I play drunk very well!