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Top 33 Pump Pick Up lines

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  1. I'm jealous of your heart..

    Because it's pumping inside of you ;)

    Edit: Sorry if this seems like a repost I never saw this pickup line on this sub I'm very sorry

  2. Oooo you've got a heat pump; does it keep things nice and warm inside?

  3. My health is low and I have no shield and no weapon.

    The only cure is for me to chug on those jugs of yours and for you to give me a little pump action.

  4. I want to pump you harder than an eyelash curler.

  5. Im jealous of your heart

    Its pumping inside you and im not *wink wink*
    Ps: please dont kill yourself

  6. I am so jealous of your heart

    Coz it is pumping inside of you and i am not

  7. Are you a rock type Pokémon?

    Because you are fun to smash and I want to use a super effective Hydro Pump into you .

  8. You pump my heart like epinephrine.

  9. I am jealous of your heart

    It can pump inside you the whole day and i can't

  10. Are you a balloon?

    Because I want to put my nozzle in you and pump until you explode.

pump pickup line
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If you were a fruit you’d be a pumpkin...
Because I want to pump my next of kin in you.

Girl, you must be a spare tire

Because I want to mount you, pump you full, and let you down easy

Are you a plumber?

Because I need you to pump and clean my pipes.

Are you iron?

Because I want to pump some

pump pickup line
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Hey girl are a pump shotgun...

Cause I want to shoot our kids in the head for 200 damage .

Are you weak to water type moves?
Because I wanna use a super effective Hydro Pump into you.

I'm jealous of your heart

It's pumping inside you and I'm not

Nice hose, does it pump?

I put the “pump” in pumpkin pie.

Are you vitamin deficient? I know a way to pump some into you.

Fancy some pump action?

I promise I ain't no double-pump chump.

pump pickup line
Working Pump tinder opener

Wanna help me clean my pump?

You can be my girl; I can be your man. And we can pump this jam however you want. (Hey Baby)

Baby, I ain’t going for no pump and dump.

Baby, if you let me pump my H+ ions into your intermembrane space, it would induce a massive conformational change in my f1 complex. 

Baby tonight I am prepared and gladly do it twice, ejecting all the load inside my pump. (Mercy)

Hey there, do you need to use my pump?

Don’t prime the pump unless you want to squirt a little water.

I would love to pump you all night long.

It's long, hard and Pumps like a bastard, but that's just the Truck