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Top 20 Solution Pick Up lines

Check out our collection of cool and highly effective Solution rizz lines that are sure to make an impact! Impress the ladies with humorous and corny Solution pick-up lines, conversations starters, and great comebacks when you're put on the spot and elevate your rizz.

  1. Hey girl, are you gaumutra?

    Because you are the solution to all my problems.

  2. Let's erase these borders and negotiate a one-state solution.

  3. Nerdy - A math one for all you nerds

    Is your discriminant zero?

    Because you're my only solution.

  4. Hey girl, Ive got an extensive collection of solution manuals. Can I get your number?

  5. Blood Hunter: You have disappointments... I have solutions.

  6. Tequila is never the answer. You, me, and tequila is the only solution.

solution pickup line
What is a Solution pickup line?

Working short solution pickup lines to impress a girl

Hey Girl are you the Holocaust?

Because you're my final solution.

Are you the solution to the equation x^2-2x+1=0?

Because i just used the quadratic formula and you’re the 1

Hey girl, are you a feasible region?

Because you contain every possible solution to my problems.

Hey girl are you a regex?

Cause you are the solution to all my problems, but also the problem to the solution.

solution pickup line
This is a funny Solution pickup line!

Girl, you're the fried to my rice, the solution to my equation, and the squint to my eyes.

In the form of a logic puzzle.
The solution to the German Tank problem states that if you confirm for certain that at least n of something exists, then the total amount of that thing is probably 2n. Therefore, if I confirm for certain that at least 1 guy likes you, then there are probably at least 2 guys that do.


Now, how do we know that the number of guys that like you are at least 1? Well, the same way that you know, when countin money and starting with a nickle, that you have at least 5 cents. You don't need to know the number, you just need to confirm that one guy likes you, and then you know that at least 1 guy likes you.


I am unable to assess to emotions of other guys, but despite that, I know for absolute certain that one guy likes you, and therefore that there are probably two. How do I know that?

I'm not a solution to your problem. I'm another problem.

solution Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Can I plug my solution into your equation?

You are the solution to my homogeneous system of linear equations.

I'd like to plug my solution into your equation.

I'm the unique solution which exists for your differential equation.

To alcohol! The cause of, and solution too, all of lifes problems.

“I'm not the solution you're looking for. I'm another problem.” That's from Mad Men. Hot right?

Choose only well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain Solution phrases are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life. It is often awkward using smooth Solution lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.