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  1. Guess what I’m wearing?

    The smile you gave me:)

  2. Would you believe your mom gave me this number?

  3. I used to be a Nobody until you gave me back my heart.

  4. You just gave a spinning bird kick to my heart.

  5. Damn baby, are you my new boss? Cause you just gave me a raise.

  6. That chalupa really gave me greenhouse gas.

  7. My name is Adam and God gave you one of my ribs.

  8. Is your name Zelda? Because you just gave me a Skyward Sword!

  9. Your daddy must have been a thief, because he stole your beauty and gave it to that girl over there.

  10. A girl tried some polar vortex pick up lines on me once. I just gave her the cold shoulder.

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I gave him my vision of heat? Because you are burning.

Are we exchanging presents

Cause you gave me a boner

Is your name Waldo. Because someone like you is hard to find

Guess what Im wearing today?
The smile you gave me

I just gave birth to a shadow baby sweetheart. How about we make it a brother?

Knick-knack, Paddy-wack, you just gave this dog a bone.

Are you a Green Mage? Because you just gave me a Giant Growth.

Your church gave a lecture on Mormonism? Please do tell me what i believe.

I'll wear this bright yellow shirt you gave me and pretend it's black so it can bring a little light to the hole she left.

Do you know what I'm wearing right now?

That smile you just gave me

Do you work at Petsmart?

No? You should, you gave this dawg a BONE!

Want to know what I'm wearing?

The smile you gave me.

Did you just come from KFC, cause your thighs and breasts just gave me a drumstick.

Thank your parents for me. The genes they gave you were exquisite!

Humans have 206 bones in their body

And you just gave me one more

Hey, do you do drugs?

Cuz if you gave me your number, that'd be dope

A long one

So yesterday I had to go to the pharmacist to drop off my prescription. There was an absurdly long line all being held up by this woman who couldn't find her ID. She was looking through her purse, pockets, everything. She kept repeating "I know I have it, I know I have it." This goes on for at least 10 whole minutes. Eventually she gave up and left. As she walked by me to leave I saw the look of pure defeat on her face. After 2 more people it was finally my turn. I gave the pharmacist my prescription. He looked at me with a puzzled expression and asked why I just gave him my prescription. Being also confused, I said "this is drop off right?"
He looked at me and said "No, this is the pickup line."

That look you just gave the Minister of Environment really brings out the colour of your eyes.

God gave you everything..

Except something, my number.

Do you work at Subway?

Cause U just gave me a Foot long

Pickup line using lyft

Someone help me with a pickup line using lyft as the subject, I matched on tinder with a girl I gave a lyft ride to haha. Thanks

Yo girl are you a jedimaster

Because you just gave me a lightsaber

Are you my boss

Because I think you just gave me a raise 🥴

If I gave your dog a bone

Would you like one too?

I had to visit a dentist after you gave me liplock

Cuz you were sweet enough to give me toothache.

Hey girl are you defibrillator?

Cause you gave me a shock and made my heart beat.