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Top 12 Didnt Pick Up lines

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  1. I would go gardening but I left all my hoes for you

    Didnt work but it sounds cool

  2. I didnt believe in predestination until tonight.

  3. I'm gonna have to report spotify, it didnt show you on hottest singles this week

  4. If the world was proven to be a simulation, I would ask the programmers to let me be with you. <3

    lol first post on reddit. also i used this on my crush didnt work

  5. Roses are Red Violets are Blue

    I didnt know what perfect was ,until i met you

  6. I didnt notice the cliff here

    And fell right into your eyes

  7. Do you believe in miracles? i didnt but then i met/saw you!

  8. I didnt know Angel's needed part time jobs

    Said this to the new girl at work back when we were in highschool. She had a good laugh.

  9. On a picture of them

    I didnt know you could do the whole beautiful thing thats crazy

  10. Hey gurl I didnt know you hated animals

    Cause that kitty needs a shave and a shower or Ima put you up for adoption on Plenty Of Fish

    (One every morning gang)

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Hey girl, you didnt need to say zero to make me freeze.

Hey, I didnt know angels flew so low.