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  1. I dmed a girl and she took an entire day to reply

    Instead of letting my ego get in the way, I simply replied with
    “Mans so good at sliding into dms it left her speechless for a day”

    Trust me guys, it worked.

    Edit: Nvm guys she stopped texting again, ya boy failed :(

  2. You’re a work of art.

    Let me nail you against a wall.

  3. Hey girl I just thought you should know your mother is a thief...

    Cus she stole all the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.

    Edit: Thanks for all the wards and upvote guys, of y’all use it let me know how it works for you!

  4. Roses are red, you're so great...

    Pickup lines are overrated, let me take you out on a date

    - Day 219

  5. Life is like the word 'color'

    It's better with u in it

    (Sorry if its bad)

    Edit: I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. I never post, let alone get 1k upvotes for a post, so thanks! Also i got my first award! :D

  6. Let's play a game,

    Winner takes loser home.

  7. Roses are red, and very famous

    Coffee and movie is old style, lets try some Anus

  8. You hand looks heavy, let me hold it for you

    Wow my first rewards

  9. Let's flip a coin...

    Heads, I go out on a date with you; Tails, you go out with me

    - Day 89

  10. Rose's are red, violets are blue

    Poems are stupid, let me fuck you

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Your hand looks super heavy..!

Let me hold it for you

Are you the children in my basement

‘cause i’m never letting you leave me

Roses are red, your mom's a distraction

Let's get to your room and get us some action

Let me tie your shoes.

I don't want you falling for anyone else.

I wish I could take you to the movies

But they won’t let me bring my own snack

Roses are red, violets kinda suck

I like spaghetti, let's go fuck

Let's say we turn this lil spark we have here into a fire back at my place;
I'll bring the wood

Hey let’s play titanic

You will be the iceberg and I’ll go down on you.

Roses are red, wither roses are black

I can't rhyme

Lets smash

Grass is green, you’re as hot as the nether

Let’s build a house, and put our beds together

Lets make our "Sex Dreams" a reality.

Let’s go out and I’ll do to you what neither of these candidates will do to the country.

Let us take independence from our clothes!

Let's check if what happens in Strasbourg, stays in Brussels.

I'd let you on my wizard tower.

Baby, we come from different countries, but tonight let's speak the 24 official languages of love.

Roses are red, you're more beautiful than the sunset's hue...

Let's go back to my place so I can stick my tongue deep inside you

Let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

Babe, let me take you to Australia.

I'm not pretty, your pretty. Lets go out.

It's getting hot in herre, let's create a cap-and-trade scheme.

Let's get to ramming.

Come on baby girl don't let your imaginary friends ruin your sex life...

Let’s make a Krabby Patty. You bring the buns and I’ll bring the sauce.

Lets escape from the world together and take all the rez back roads.