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  1. Yes or no question; is it wet in Bikini Bottom?

  2. I gotta question

    Apple Music or Spotify
    Did you see the glitch earlier?

    You weren’t listed as the top hottest single

  3. Why don't you let me put my myelin on your axon for the night?

  4. Do you want me to show to you a delegated act?

  5. Did you came out of the TV or is it just me?

  6. Do you mind if I slip my rope under your route?

  7. Would you mind goin plow my cord field?

  8. Do you subtweet here often?

  9. Would you like to come out to the farm and help me with the bees?

  10. You want to take a trip down South tonight?

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You're hot.

You're a fire bender?

Do you like secret sauce in your burger?

Are you the question paper to tomorrow's exam?

Because I'm probably gonna flip you around a couple times, realise I don't know what I'm doing and finish in 3 minutes

Now I'm going to ask you a bunch of questions, and I want them answered immediately.

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Your dojo or mine?

Tell me, is your heart as cold and black as your eyes?

I usually don't ask a girl this question till she's pregnant. What's your name?

Why don't you come tame my dragon?

Would you like to hold my sonic screwdriver?

Should I enter your base from the front, or the rear?

You come to this cave often?

Clinical studies have shown that sex kills. Wanna die happy?

questions pickup line
Working Questions tinder opener

Rigor mortis, know what I mean?

Can you pour me a drink like you poured yourself into those jeans?

Your toy is so cool. May I play with it?

Do I have to cut away that grass with my sword before I can enter your forbidden forest?

Do you open for breakfast?

Will you help with with my French technique?

Do you need more sugar or am I sweet enough?

Do you wanna know why I am called Power Man?

Are you a boy or a girl... or does it not matter?

You ever made it with a guy in tights?

Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to swim past you again?