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Top 50 Licking Pick Up lines

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  1. Hey baby you ever had your a** licked by a fatman in a trench coat

    Me either. But since I got your attention do you have a moment to talk about our Lord n savior

  2. Do you work at KFC?

    Cause you're finger licking good!

  3. Are you ice cream? Because I'd lick you.

  4. Your eyes look like pepperonis. I want to lick them.

  5. Wanna lick my beater?

  6. May I lick your boots?

  7. Do you like me ? Breath for yes, lick your elbow for no.

  8. Your legs are like Oreos

    I wanna split them open and lick all the good stuff in the middle

  9. I wish I could lick the salt off your lips.

  10. Are you ice cream?

    Because I don’t know if I’d rather lick you or spoon you

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Funny licking pickup lines

I would totally lick your guacaholey.

Are you ice cream?

Cause I can't decide if I want to lick you or spoon you.

Are you a tootsie pop?

Cuz i wanna know how many licks it takes to get to the center of you

Do you like ice cream? I like my ice cream like I like my women.

Dripping down my fingers while I lick them.

Girl you must be the back of my paw cause i want to lick you constantly.

Hey, baby. Wanna lick my spoon?

Are you a cheeto?
Cause I'd love to lick you off my fingers.

Walk up to a man in a bar

Picture this

Shoot him the finger guns, and say these exact words.

"Lickety split, lick my clit"

And wink.

Gets em' every time

Wanna have sex?

Be beautiful for yes and lick your elbow for no

Ever had your belly button licked?

Ever had your belly button licked? ……. from the inside?

Are you ice-cream?

Cause i want to keep licking you till im all sticky

Lick your fingerprint

And touch her shirt and say “We should get you home and out of those wet clothes”

Are you KFC?

Because you are finger licking good.

I can lick it, slam it, and suck it...more limes please!

Woops! I got a little peach jam on my finger-want to lick it?

Are you an ice cream?

Because I wanna lick you.

Hey girl will you be my Magnum ice cream bar?

So that I could lick you out while your started dripping due to all the melting. 🤤


I'll eat you like my Oreos, open you and lick you till theres no more white stuff.

Is your name Molly?

Cuz I wanna lick you like the corner of the bag.

Hey there, can I have the number to your gynecologist?

Cause I want to lick his fingers.

Are you a postage stamp?

Because I want to Lick you

Are you a dog?

Cause I wanna wake up to you licking my balls

You look just like KFC

Finger licking good

If you were a swisher

I'd lick you till my lips went numb
(Only stoners are gonna get this one)

Are you a popsicle?

Cause I’m gonna lick you until you melt