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Top 50 Licking Pick Up lines

Use the best licking pick up lines to help you flirt and impress guys or girls. Impress and make your loved ones feel loved with the right licking and kissing pick up lines. These dirty pick up lines involving licking are perfect to use.

  1. Hey baby you ever had your a** licked by a fatman in a trench coat

    Me either. But since I got your attention do you have a moment to talk about our Lord n savior

  2. Girl are you an oreo?

    Cause i wanna split you open and lick the good stuff inside

  3. Do you work at KFC?

    Cause you're finger licking good!

  4. Are you a Himalayan pink salt lamp?

    ... because I really want to lick you up and down ;)

  5. Are you ice cream? Because I'd lick you.

  6. Your eyes look like pepperonis. I want to lick them.

  7. What's the difference between me and a dog?

    When you squeeze a dog it stops licking and starts squirming, but when you squeeze me, I don't stop licking and you start squirming.

  8. Wanna lick my beater?

  9. May I lick your boots?

  10. Hey, are you a Freudian slip?

    Because I wanna lick you up in my car and eat you out tonight.

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What is a Licking pickup line?

Working licking pickup lines

Do you like me ? Breath for yes, lick your elbow for no.

Your legs are like Oreos

I wanna split them open and lick all the good stuff in the middle

Are you a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Cause I wanna lick you all over

What's the difference between you and an Oreo?

Nothing. I want to lick the filling from both.

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This is a funny Licking pickup line!

Are you a bag of Doritos?

Because I wanna lick my fingers when I'm done ;)

Save a lollipop
Lick me instead.

Are you ice cream?

Because I don’t know if I’d rather lick you or spoon you

I would totally lick your guacaholey.

Are you ice cream?

Cause I can't decide if I want to lick you or spoon you.

Your legs are like Oreo cookies

I wanna split them apart and lick all the good stuff from the middle ;)

Did you fall into a pile of sugar? Because I want to lick you to find out.

Damn baby, your body is so hot, I wanna pour powdered milk all over and lick it off

licking pickup line
Working Licking tinder opener

Lick my fingers like you could not get enough of me like you do to your sweets.

I promise to lick your balls clean and polish your shaft before and after each use during the upcoming golf season.

Are you a tootsie pop?

Cuz i wanna know how many licks it takes to get to the center of you

My chips are so hard for you right now. Or you can get them soft after you lick them.

Are you an Oreo..

Because, lick, twist and dunk is about to get a whole other meaning after seeing you

Do you like ice cream? I like my ice cream like I like my women.

Dripping down my fingers while I lick them.

Babe you want some Oreo? You could lick my white cream any time.

You seem like a sweet girl. Mind if I lick you to find out?

Girl you must be the back of my paw cause i want to lick you constantly.

Girl I want you on the bone, because you are finger licking good.

Babe do you know the proper way to take tequila shots? First I will lick your salt. Second we will shoot the tequila. And then you could suck my…