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50 Looks Pick Up lines

Check out our collection of good and highly effective Looks rizz lines and flirty jokes that are sure to make her blush over text! Impress the ladies with humorous and corny pick-up lines about looks, conversations starters at Bumble, great comebacks and sweet love messages for Tinder when you're put on the spot and elevate your best rizz.

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  1. Hey you're looking sad today wanna hug

  2. Ay girl are you a grill?

    Cause you look like something I wanna slap my meat on.

  3. Most guys would want to watch the world cup because it happens once in 4 years...

    But I'd rather look at you because the chances of meeting someone like you is once in a lifetime.

  4. Are you reddit?

    Bc I want to spend hours of my day looking at you for no reason.

  5. Im like a microwave meal

    Because the pictures look better then the real thing and im finnished in 2 minutes.

  6. I wanted to take you to the movies...

    But I don't think I could look away from you long enough to see one.

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I heard you’re looking for a STUD.

I’ve already got the STD, now all I need is U.

Hey girl, have you got the Coronavirus?

Cuz i cant stop looking achoo

You hand looks heavy, let me hold it for you

Wow my first rewards

You’re so dumb...

You’re so dumb you wouldn’t know cute if you looked in a mirror.

looks pickup line
Smooth Looks pickup line

I thought you were Franklin Roosevelt for a second

Because just looking at you brought me out of a Great Depression.. and you’re a dime.

Hey your hand looks heavy,
So can I hold it for you?

Hey girl, are you a girl?

Because you look like a girl.

Cheesy looks Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Hey girl, I would ask for Netflix and chill...

But, you look like you're into Stranger Things.

Ayy Gril, Are you a girl

Because you look like a girl

You’d make a fine US navy ship...
Because you’d look great with seamen all over you.

Your lipstick looks good

May I taste it

Are you a mirror?

Because whenever I look at you I see someone I like

Are you a convertible car?

Because you would look better with your top down.

looks pickup line
Working Looks tinder opener

I used to think your curves were perfect

But then I saw your smile and I knew what perfection really looked like

Corny looks Love Messages to Start a Conversation at Tinder

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Hey girl you look so fine

You turned my LEGO piece 32557 into a 98989

Hey beautiful, are you KFC?

Because you look finger lickin’ good

Your hand looks super heavy..!

Let me hold it for you

Hey, you are looking hot and suspicious

I need to take you out and inspect you.

Are you Reddit...?
Cause I want to look at you for hours

Your lips look really dry

I could moisturise them for you if you want

Hey girl do you want to look at the sun

Because than you'll be as blinded as me.

I thought I had all the snacks I needed for quarantine

, but looks like I missed one

Not sure if youre a waiter

But you do be serving good looks.

You look familiar did we have a class before?

I could swear we had chemistry.

Girl, are you a sharpie?

Because you’re looking ultra-fine tonight

Hey did it hurt when you fell from that vending machine

Not because you look like a snack, but because you look like the kind of girl who will do anything for £1.50

A good looks Pickup Lines for Bumble

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Knock knock! who’s there? Honeydew.

Honeydew who?
Honey do you know how fine you look tonight?

Excuse me, how many hours of sleep do you get at night? 20?

I'm trying to figure out how much beauty sleep one needs to look that good

What’s wrong with your left eye?

Because you’ve been looking right all night.

A random stranger came up to me and hit me with this one and then walked away.

Imagine you and I are in a grocery store.

We're in the produce section. You see me. I see you. We exchange a good-natured smile. You can't help but notice something odd about me: I'm carrying a large amount of limes. It puzzles you, but you go back to your shopping nonetheless.

After a while, you see me start to walk past you. As I do so, I spill the limes all over the floor around you. Exasperated, I bend down to pick them up. I do a poor job of it, spilling two every time I pick one up. Eventually, I stop and look up at you with a nervous grin and say "I'm so sorry, ma'am. I'm no good at pickup limes."

I’m a happy pirate

Cuz you’re the treasure I was looking for

Are you an exam paper?
Because I forget everything when I look at you...

Does your left eye hurt?

Because you've been looking right all day ;)

You look like thanksgiving Dinner

Delicious, and when I’m done with you I’m gonna eat you for breakfast too. 🤤

You look as tasty as an Oreo cookie

Now all you need is some cream filling

Girl, are you a card game?

Coz you look like Numero UNO.

Are you retarded?

Because you look special

Are you my phone?

Cause I can't stop looking you.

Excuse me, I'm lost, can you help me...

I looked into your eyes and now I don't know where I am...which way to your heart?

Hey girl, do you work at the zoo?

Because you look like a keeper.

Are you part Medusa

Coz you are getting a part of me hard when I look at you

You have eyes like spanners

When I look into them, my nuts tighten.

Choose only a good well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain Looks love messages are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life like they do on flirting sites and apps. It is often awkward using flirty Looks chat-up lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.